• Hashtag Hitchhiking – Acceptable or Not

    I have noticed something that has been going on in the twitterverse lately, and I have questions about it.  So in an effort to not be a luker – I have to just ask.

    I have been active on twitter since sometime in 2009, and I have kind of picked up most of the unwritten or unspoken decorum EXCEPT for one thing.  As most of you know who look at my comments, you have an idea of the things I tend to speak about.  And when I do speak to something I attempt to use the appropriate hashtag for the topic, event, location etc. Like another responsible, effective twitter user we share this with one and other.

    The one thing I see that I don’t understand is what I am going to call hashtag-hitchhiking. Let me further explain what I mean. For example let’s say the Consumer Electronics Show was going on inChicago.  To make another assumption let’s say that the hashtag #CES was getting a lot of follows/hits because many folks wanted to know what was going on at the show.  So people who want to know about the show follow that hashtag or perhaps even #Chicago.

    But now lets say I was going to send out a tweet about something about a new blog post on some human resources matter (#HR), but then at the end of my tweet I throw in the hashtag #CES.  It would appear that tweeters to this to gain traffic and follows.

    So my question is this. Is it ok to use non-related hashtags with tweets? – Any thoughts on hashtag-hitchhiking?

  • Social Media Which Medium do You Choose

    The once famous or perhaps infamous media critic Marshall McLuhan espoused many years ago “the medium is the message.” So if he was correct, which Social Media platform you choose must say a lot about someone.

    I can think of six or more platforms that I use, regularly.

    Twitter|Facebook|FourSquare|LinkedIn|Skype|YouTube|Blogging & other Blog Sites

    But I must confess, my real SM home is Twitter. I like twitter the most. I like the lively – yet concise dialogues that are had on twitter. It’s also a little geeky and dare I say I like that too.  I have met some very cool people from twitter.  And lastly I will RT my best tweet of 2010 – Ppl who tweet r fun ppl. I will leave it up to my OD friends to obsess about what twitter being my number one platform means.

    I do also spend some time on Facebook, not so much but it is a great place to connect with people.  I used to reserve FB for my “real” friends and family.  But have adopted the William Tincup philosophy, which is, I am who I am on any and all platforms.  Accordingly, I am now FB friends with many of my twitter friends and some of LinkedIn acquaintances too and anyone else most anyone else who wants to connect. My project social partner Laura Schroeder is a Facebooker dirrenet than me.  She has some other ideas on the matter in her post titled Do you Facebook.

    This now really brings us to the point where the lines have become very blurry.  I have met many folks via SM and have now become good friends as we say IRL (in real life).  I also have friends of many years who I do not connect with on SM.   I also connect with folks on LinkedIn and then that goes to Facebook and to twitter.  It is becoming a never ending web. Now that’s my web, Lyn over at The HR Bacon Hut has an even more complex web of social application – seriously!

    Having recently attended HREvolution I saw just how cool FourSquare is if you’re looking for the party.  People check in and you see where the action is, and who is there.   However the same info from Foursquare is often found bleeding over on or through twitter.

    This now brings me to my closing point, about the different platforms.  In my opinion, it is ok to connect one or two mediums occasionally to get a message out, but in general I think it is a bad idea and turns people off – especially if you have 3 or 4 platforms connected. Each of them is different and serves a different audience in a different way.  So don’t connect all of your social media outlets, because it doesn’t make sense to different groups on different platforms.   And if Marshall McLuhan was right – boy will you be sending some major mixed messages!