Tiffany Kuehl is one of the greatest people that I know.   She is a fabulous friend,  a wonderful mom, a great wife,  a special daughter, a consummate Human Resources professional and simply the best friend a person could have.  I am truly blessed to have TK in my circle of friends!!

I first met TK on line and later IRL (in real life) as we like to say on line at a SHRM event in Washington.  Currently, Tiffany and I are headed down a path of SHRM State Director together.  She will be in this role in her home state of Minnesota and me in Illinois.   We have spent a lot of time at numerous SHRM events and have come to be besties.

Tiffany was with us on the PIC team, but based upon other demands in her life, she felt that she could not continue that commitment and bowed out.  Nonetheless, we all still love her dearly and wanted to make this day special for her.

Those of us who are Facebook friends with Tiffany see how involved she is in EVERYTHING!

If you don’t know TK, you should have her in your network, IMO.   You will be a better person because of it!!  Here are some pics of my pal in her conference element.