• TChat Live from SHRM Leadership

    I guess I understand why it was that Ernest Hemingway spent so many hours at Sloppy Joe’s in Key West trying to expand his mind to tell a better story.  Not that I consider myself in the same circles with Hemingway, I have been struggling with how to write this post.  All of my ideas were EPIC, and the subject just isn’t that monumental.

    Here is the deal;  this week I am headed off to Washington DC to attend the annual SHRM Leadership Conference.  I am an active SHRM Volunteer and support most of their efforts.



    At the Conference on Wednesday evening one of my partners in crime another SHRM volunteer  Donna Roger and myself will be helping set the stage for #Tchat.  If you have not participated in #TChat,  I encourage you to do so.  It begins on twitter at 7 Eastern 6 Central 5 Mountain and 4 Pacific.

    There are many, many chats on twitter, and while I participate is some other ones on an occasional basis #TChat is the one I enjoy the most.  This week’s  content of the chat is about Public Policy is shaping and changing the workplace.

    While the #Tchat cast of characters is from all over the world, we will be connecting this chat to what is happening in our Nation’s Capitol.  Please Join us! Hope to see you on line.

  • Tools for Talent

    Kyle Lagunas

    Today’s post is a guest post from Kyle Lagunas.  He is the HR Analyst at Software Advice. He blogs about technology and trends in human resources by day, and flexes his culinary muscles by night.


    What essential items do you take with you when leaving the office? If you’re like me, you’re sure to grap your mobile phone, your briefcase, and maybe some business cards. What about a mobile diversity training module? Why not? With today’s anytime-anywhere mobile access, the game for HR is changing. Developers are working hard to put mobile solutions for hiring, managing and tracking HR at your disposal. Though many are focused on recruiting and hiring,  a new crop of applications have come to market that allow users to dive into highly valuable data on the go. Here are a few of the mobile HR applications that we liked best.

    Acquiring Talent

    Kenexa 2xMobile allows users to manage hiring processes on the go. The application focuses on key hiring tasks so hiring managers can execute the most basic actions needed to move the hiring process along.  This free app syncs with Kenexa’s SaaS-based applicant tracking system, but users must have a Kenexa license.

    Jobvite is an innovative candidate sourcing solution that has a lot of people talking. This application enables users to send job invitations (or Jobvites) to members of their networks on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook from just about anywhere. To plug in to this tool, you’ll need a Jobvite subscription.

    AquireInSight is a SaaS-based analytics suite that utilizes existing data to analyze trends within your organizational hierarchy. Users can create charts and reports that make it easier for managers to visualize workforce trends and take action on them. With its mobile site, users have the full power of this system at their disposal anytime, anywhere–but access is limited to users with Aquire InSight subscriptions.

    Managing Talent

    Vortex’sMobileManagerConnect is a web-based workforce management tool that allows users to manage operational needs on the go. You can review, edit and approve time cards, violations and time off requests, and syncs with existing HR management and payroll systems. The app is free, but users need users Vortex Connect license to use it.

    diversityDNA is a mobile diversity training app that offers insights into the impact cultural differences have on workplace conduct. Covering the basics of cultural diversity, this mini course illustrates best practices for communicating in the workplace. This simple, straightforward tool is a great start for HR professionals who are interested in enlightening their workforce. The best part? The app is free!

    RyppleFeedback is a web-based application that turns performance reviews into a far more engaging experience. Leveraging social networking concepts, Rypple makes it easy for leaders to recognize achievements and offer regular feedback to employees. This program is user-friendly at every level, and setting goals, documenting performance, and scheduling reviews (or “loops,” as they call them) are a snap. Rypple currently offers various subscription options from free to $9 per user per month.

    Additional Resources

    HRatYourFingertips is an HR terms and concepts reference tool. Valuable for newcomers and veterans alike, this application is divided into three sections. The glossary covers 270+ key terms and concepts. The HR Laws section contains information on federal laws, including eligibility and compliance standards. The app also contains a beginner’s guide for writing an employee handbook. This mobile app is currently available only for the iPhone or iPad.

    AcceroWorkforceIntelligence is a reporting and analytics tool with 200+ predefined HR metrics, scorecards, charts and graphs built in. Also offering traditional reporting capability, it fully integrates with the Accero Cyborg solution. Clearly illustrating actionable HR information, this app allows HR professionals to keep tabs on their organization wherever they go. It’s currently offered only to Accero Cyborg subscribers, though its availability will expand down the line.

    HRConceptsMobileBenefits gives users the ability to tap into health benefit account information on their smart phones. Review claims and account balances, and submit new receipts by taking a picture with their mobile devices. Transmissions are encrypted and secure, and sensitive information is never stored on your mobile device. This straightforward tool takes employee self-service one step further.

    What are some applications that are helping make your life easier?