The responsibility for employee safety is mine.  I take this very seriously. When I began in Personnel it was one of the first things I was charged with improving.   Since back around 1990 (AD) I have been dealing with employee safety and risk management.

One of the main reasons my Company became concerned with employee safety had to do with Workmen’s Compensation Insurance costs.  Due to a number of claims the cost had become outrageously expensive and I was tasked with doing something about it.  With the help of a couple of other committed folks in our organization we were able to improve our safety record.  As our safety record improved, we found the cost of insurance began to diminish.  Not really an ah-hah moment but the savings were sizable, and thus showed up on the Company radar.

It was a lesson well learned.  I have kept my eye on safety over the years for two reasons.  I don’t want to be the guy from the employer knocking on a door or calling late at night telling a loved one about an incident.  Reason number two, it helps keep our Company profitable.  There are other reasons but those are the biggys.  I haven’t blown my horn about it much recently; in fact, it is just the way we do business, cultural if you will.

Having been involved with Project Social and my partner Laura Schroeder I am learning new things from her all the time (and I am supposed to be the mentor).  Laura is broadening my horizons to understand things like Corporate Sustainability, and Corporate Sustainability Reporting.  After a little tutoring I more or less got it. This is something you and your Company need to have on the horizon, whether you think you need to – or not! It is becoming more vital information about your organization and how you do business.   For me, there was in interesting twist to this experience, in between Corporate Sustainability and effective risk management within an organization.

Given the environment that Laura is working in, I have become somewhat (not completely) a star pupil for corporate sustainability.  You see this employee safety stuff is given a rather lofty status when outsiders review organizations. In looking at Laura’s post on this, you can see that safety and risk management are directly tied to points 7, 8 & 9 and indirectly to 10& 11. I am helping position my Company to be a respectable global corporate citizen and not even really aware of it.

We find that safety is only part of a great production operation.  The organization must be equally concerned about Quality and Productivity as well.  These things all point to a healthy bottom line; which after all is why we are in business.

In the end, safety is good business.  It helps a Company to make money.  Oh and one more thing, our Company re-cycles too – why because it makes money.

If your Company is not eminently concerned about safety and/or recycling, you are leaving lots of low hanging fruit on the vine my friend.