Here in the HR blogosphere it seems like a small, and dare I call it, an incestuous group of folks.  For those of us active in social media “the cool kids” we all seem to know who one and other are.  I must say though, that I don’t think it is a cliquish group at all, in fact I would even refer to the group as welcoming.

This is all well and fine.  We talk, blog and tweet about employee engagement, talent management, strategic planning verses tactical activities, with an occasional rant about this or that.  If you are reading this you know the subjects.  Now though – I want to branch out, connect with people in my industry write and talk about the products and services my employer sells and services.

As I said, those of us in HR, hang with other HR folks. There are lots of answers as to why, and we could comment for days on this, but I won’t.  But now I want to move past this. Most of us who are in this space actually work in some other industry that HR.  As I think about my friends in this space here is what comes to my mind:  retail, health care, not-for-profits, banking, food and beverage and education just to name a few.  I want to be a part of and promote social media in my “other world.”

My question would be are you doing this.  Are you active in social media outside of the HR space, whatever that may be?  I am not, although I am trying.  Further, I have found that people in my industry are not early adopters and are slow to see value, or practical applications in social media.  So this is part of my challenge.

So I am trying to formulate a plan to push social media through my industry segment and to position “the HR Official” to be a leader in this space.

If you have moved your industry segment forward on SM or have posted on this before, share this with me, let me know and help me to build on this concept.