• Takeaways from 2010 and Thoughts about 2011

    Today, New Year’s Eve day is the midway point between the beginning of 2010 and the end of 2011. This is a great vantage point to look back on the year that is coming to a close and forward to the year that is in front of us.

    As I look back at the year and two things really jump out at me. First my oldest son graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineer from M.S. & T (formerly University of Missouri – Rolla).   Yes I am proud of him, but I am happier now because he is largely self sufficient.  It is my understanding that now as parent though I must pay for his cell phone forever, and car insurance until about age 30 or so.  The second thing is that I have become immersed in social media.

    From tweeting as DavetheHRCzar to Facebook to 400+ connections on Linkedin I am knee deep – and loving it.  As I speak about social media, I question why am I so interested or involved.  I now know the answer. It is this.  I have really met some great, wonderful, kind, caring, sharing, open, smart, fun people through all forms of social media.  It has been my good fortune to have an opportunity to meet many of these folks face to face throughout 2010, in attending HREvolution, the SHRM National Convention, the SHRM Leadership Conference and the Illinois SHRM State Conference.

    I can honestly says that everyone I have come to know via Social Media has been exactly who they were on-line and they all were good people.  The best tweet I put out this year was after the SHRM Leadership Conference. It was this… My biggest takeaway from #SHRMlead10 was this.  People who tweet are fun people. That’s it – and it is true.

    My involvement in social media has been my choice but I have had much encouragement and guidance from my good friend John Jorgensen, and I would be remiss to not mention him.

    Looking forward to 2011 I see new communities of Human Resources maturing. One could say that SHRM had a tough year in 2010 loosing two key leaders and being the butt end of many posts and conversations.   I don’t think this spells the end of SHRM as we know if, but I think we will see smaller, more focused groups begin to more clearly emerge. Many of the workings of these groups are already in place or are developing.. I am speaking of the unconference events, the recruiting conferences, things that all are becoming more mainstream- and less expensive than the grand-daddy SHRM National.

    A second change I see on the horizon is more of a convergence of the smart-phone –PDA and the personal computer.  The Ipad and the Kendal are at the forefront of this now, but I think by the end of 2011 there will be a major change with this and wireless technology.  I am not sure what it is going to be or what it might be, but the technology in this area seems to be advancing more rapidly each passing day.

    And lastly in closing I predict that Sarah Palin will be offered the CEO position at SHRM, but she will decline to host her own talk show  focusing on reality television personalities.

  • Project Social – On Holiday

    Project Social isn’t taking a holiday, although maybe the people involved in it will.  While Laura and I are working on our Green HR initiative, we both had plans to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with our families and friends.  So long story short I did not get a chance to work on my PS assignment, however I did want to talk about the program itself.

    There are only a few pairs of us working on this to see how this thing was going to work. So I thought I would talk about the program as a whole.  To a degree it is 21st pen pal program.  The difference is that we are working with the social media tools of the trade.  We are skyping, blogging and tweeting. Our sphere of on-line friends is melting into one.  Many of my tweeps are following @workgal and some of her tweeps are following me back. Our on-line friends are helping us socialize.

    We chat about how we are going to use video, with vimeo and youtube, as well as using linked in.  The program is giving us a purpose, a reason to do these things.  Laura is no novice when it comes to SM, so she is challenging me and pushing me to do new and different things via SM. I think this is what Ben and Voctorio had in mind when they hatched this idea. While I have used most of these tools, I do not consider myself close to being an expert, but the more I use them the better I get.  I think the point is this, just do it, get involved, get waist deep – after all – necessity it the mother of invention.

    The program got a shot in the arm last week at the SHRM Annual Leadership Conference.  Both Ben and I were asked to participate in a panel discussion on Social Media,  SHRM Social Media director Curtis Midkiff (@shrmsomedguy) gave Ben an opportunity to talk about the program and how people might participate in it.  While the session had no more than 100 participants, interest in Project Social and social media in general seem to be high.

    So next week I will be back on track with our Green HR Project and moving Project Social forward.

  • Sick Uncle SHRM

    This year I headed out to the SHRM Leadership conference with a bit of trepidation.  There was a bit of uncertainty in the air about “the memo.”   Upon arrival my fears seemed to be somewhat justified as the vibe was somewhat muted.  The number of attendees seemed to be down compared to previous years, so from the get go it seemed somewhat ominous.

    On Thursday Outgoing Board Chairman Rob Van Cleave spoke to the group and there was no talk or mention of “the memo.” 

    While there are a number of attendees who are involved in new media at the conference, my sense is that many folks view us as a lunatic fringe element that is hell bent on causing problems. I don’t see it that way at all.  We are concerned for SHRM like you would be a family member that’s ill. Our concern is born out of passion for the organization and what we do.  

    With “the memo” it is like we hear that our Uncle SHRM has cancer and damn it we want to know about that. 

    Well yesterday my friend Jeff Williams took the conversation to the sources.  While visiting the mothership on Duke Street Jeff proceeded to approach Mr. Van Cleave and ask him straight up about the matter (read his post here).

    What we found out is that, he will discuss it with the state council leaders on Saturday.  I guess to use a figure of speech HIIPA rules are preventing him from discussing sick Uncle SHRM with the whole family.  He will talk to the family elders on Saturday and hopefully we will all feel better about old Uncle SHRM.