I recently ran a post about my top ten reasons for attending the SHRM 2015 (aka #SHRM15) annual conference.  This got me to thinking about other folks and got me to wondering why others attend.  So, I contacted some of my friends and asked them.  For the next several days I am going to post up their comments at to why they are attending.  Today is day three and we are going to hear from  Kristina Minyard.


Kristina a.k.a. “Hutto” Minyard is one of our younger SHRM Members “YP” (young professionals take note).  She is back for a repeat engagement on the SHRM Social Media team.  This year’s conference will be her third – having attended both #SHRM14 in Orlando and #SHRM13 in Chicago.  I visited with Kristina and asked her about attending this year’s event.  So Kristina and I talked about the upcoming conference, and she shared with me some of her thoughts on why she is stoked about attending.

Asked why she wanted to attend the event, Kristina gave me her big three reasons for attending …

  • Kristina said she is stoked to get exposure to the higher level topics. At our local chapter the topics are mid level and often very general. At the national level, you can pick from whatever you want to attend.  Kristina said she is helping to prepare herself  to be doing higher level HR, in the future. Kristina said last year she attended a Global HR session with Heather Kinzie and Joan Ginsberg.  She said the content of the session was great, but she was really intrigued in chatting after the session as all three of them had significantly different takeaways from the session.
  • The second reason that Kristina sees value in attending is – Networking. She said, it is easy for me to meet people in my area, but I never even thought I would need a network beyond my home state.  The people I have met outside of my area have helped me to learn more about HR and are part of my network that I can call upon if I ever have questions or am looking for a little help on a specific subject.
  • The third reason that Kristina enjoys attending she says is because it is a great place to get away from the work place and re-charge. It allows me to get away from the day to day stuff which helps reinvigorate me. When I come back to my workplace I am revved up and ready to go again. Sometimes the events of the workplace can get to you, but the conference gives you new energy.

You will be able to find Kristina in the bloggers lounge from time to time.  She says she will be tweeting a lot during the keynotes.  She says she is going to be putting out a lot of content on  Instagram,  during the conference.  Also,  she  wants to talk to more people to see what their key take aways are, which will no doubt make for some good blog posts.

You can read Kristina’s blog post at her site HRPockets, you can also follow Kristina on Twitter and LinkedIn.