• Good Candidate Bad Candidate Expereince

    I don’t really know when it started but there has been an on-going discussion of the “candidate experience” for more than a couple years.  As I understand it the  theory behind dialogue has been this.  We as the collective HR body have not been treating prospective candidates very well – for whatever reason, and because of this very soon we – the employers are going to have hell to pay because of it.    For the most part I concur with that theory.

    Well for any of those of you who read this stuff or know me, you will probably recall that I have a son who is a recent college graduate. He is looking for a job now – a candidate if you will.  And recently I got to witness one of the bad candidate experiences first hand.

    Kevin applied for a position and this was the email response in which he received…..


    Thank you for the recent resume submittal for a role on careerbuilder.com that were currently seeking candidates.

    Here is a little background info on what my division specializes in at Morgan Hunter Corporate Search (MHCS).  My team’s area of specialty is in the placement of Advertising & Marketing agency professionals on a national level.  We work with agencies of all sizes and types from the boutiques to the global ones around the nation.

    98% of the positions we place are at all levels in account service, creative, media, public relations, account planning, consumer insights, research, production, traffic and etc for traditional and non-traditional advertising agencies, marketing, database marketing, creative agencies and etc.

    The other 2% of our opportunities are on the client side within internal marketing teams.  Predominantly our focus is with opportunities on the agency side but we do work from time to time with client side opportunities.  Generally, the client side opportunities are from agency relationships we’ve developed and those contacts move to the client side.

    Though we appreciate your interest into our company’s services; unfortunately the employers we work with typically do not utilize our services for placing recent graduates.

    We will keep your information on file in the event that we get a special search request for an entry level position.  However, please do keep us in mind as a future resource when you have gained at least 1.5 – 2 years of experience within the advertising and marketing field.

    If I am Kevin, when I get some experience, I think this would then be the last agency I would want to use.  In my opinion, no response would have been better than what he received. Now granted as his parent I am a little biased – no doubt, but I know the quality of work that he does.

    In fact I am going to use this post to roll out a piece of his work.  For my birthday, he put together a video – perhaps we might call it a branding video.  I was a willing and active participant in the video, but was not sure how it would turn out.

    So here is my video introduction entitled “Who is Dave Ryan”…. enjoy!

    Who is Dave Ryan? from Kevin Ryan on Vimeo.


  • Networking Now and Then

    I will start this post by posing the question, have you ever heard of a piece of software called Sidekick from Borland? Well this was the first application that I used to keep track of contact information. It helped me to keep track of my network. I am not sure those people were even called a network at the time. I also know that I did not work at meeting new people and trying to maintain a real relationship with them. In my early days in business you did business with people in your community, people that you could summon to your place of business. The internet did not exist as we know it today. Networking has changed! Now we network with people around the world, without a second thought. We can communicate with others who do not speak our language through translation software and smart phones.

    Today I really work hard at growing my network, and very much enjoy doing it. Today my network  grows through face to face meetings, on line meetings, phone interactions and via referrals from those already in my network. Then after we meet, it is off to LinkedIn to see if they are out there. If yes, then off goes the connection request. Then there may be a look at twitter and facebook. If I do connect with someone via social media it seems to ramp up the connection faster. Back in the ’80’s I simply did not meet at the same rate that I do today. Life has accelerated.

    Now here is another and new angle on networking, If you are out here in the HR space you may have seen a post from my friend Jay Kuhns – Jay was looking for a key employee. so he wrote a post saying so, and then he found some damn good talent. So this networking can take many paths today. Now, I would like to copy from Jay’s post and do something similar via my network.

    My oldest son Danny’s girlfriend is graduating from Missouri University of Science & Technology with a degree in Business and Management Systems. She wants to move from Rolla, MO to Memphis, TN so that she can be near man Dan. So I thought this would be a new way to use networking, just like Jay had done. Rather than trying to find an employee for an organization, I would try to find an organization for a person. She has done internships and understand processes, logistics and information systems. If you know of something looking for a sharp young graduate in this area; let’s talk.

    I will let you know if I am as good as Jay, in using a blog post to network and create a new employee/employer relationship. Wish me luck,

  • TNL Chicago Wrap-Up

    Last week (12/5/11) I had the pleasure of attending the Talent Net Live (TNL) Recruiting Conference in Chicago (Aurora to be specific).  This was a most interesting experience for me personally.  While I am a well travel HR/SHRM conference attendee, this was actually the first full-blown recruiting conference that I have ever attended.

    In most if not all  organizations, Recruiting is part of HR.  Part of what I do in my day job is recruiting, but I do not do it exclusively. Most of the people in attendance are recruiters and that i s all they do.  So suffice it to say I was somewhat out of my element, a little uncomfortalbe , because they all swam in the same pond and I don’t swim there.  I was on the inside but still felt like I was an outsider looking in from the outside. To be clear, all of the problem was in my head.  I was treated really well by conference organizaer Craig Fisher and his entire TNL Crew.

    The entire event was about recruiting, how to do it better, tricks from pros in the field, the latest and greatest tech tools as well as several sessions on Talent Communities.  Do you really know what this is?  I had a cursory idea before attending this event.  Now I have good handle on the concept – and I think it is a most interesting concept.  My grotesque oversimplification is this.  Find people that want to be in your organization,  engage them through any means, stay in touch follow-up with them and place them in your Company when you find a match (an open position they want and one the Company feels they are capable of performing).  To me it sounds –  a little wacky – but I get it and could easily see how it works.  All of the costs are up front and your time to fill goes way down if you have people cued up waiting for a vacancy.

    Joel Cheeseman talking mobile at TNL Chicago

    Another matter that got a lot of attention at the conference was mobile.  The whole world is going mobile. And if you are in the business of recruiting employees, you had better have an app for that – and it better be mobile.  Not just a klunky phone sized version of your web page.  The recruiting app needs to be taylored, tweeked and tuned in for mobile.   I attended an excellent session on this with Mobile Social Media Guru Joel Cheeseman.  Joel taught me this; mobile apps go up and down not side to side and they have big buttons.  That is great information.

    Another thing I learned is recruiting is moving heavily toward video.  The fact that the even was at JSTN speaks volumes.  JSTN is going to revolutionize the way video is used in recruiting.  Take that to the bank folks.

    There were a couple more concepts coming out of the conference that were new to me.  The first was metrics.  Recruiter have a whole set of their very own metrics.  No Voodoo or anything here, just serious straight up definable, measurable metrics.  I am a better HR person for learning more about the metrics this gang uses.

    One more thing I got out of the event was some great software tool tips.  There were session titled Cool Tools and Pimp My Profile.  There were probably two dozen software applications I heard discussed.  Most of them are on the internet and have a free version available on the internet.  Most of them also have a super-charged pay version/upgrade that is available.  But I learned these recruiters are a frugal lot and are not interested in paying for things they can get for free.

    I learned more at this one day event than I have at many multi-day events.  This event was the first thing that TNL has done outside of their own backyard in Texas.  My understanding is that there will be more of these one day recruiting events around the country.  I HIGHLY recommend that you attend if you have the chance.  The conference fees are most reasonable (remember I told you these recruiters are a frugal lot).  Conference organizer Craig Fisher is well known in the HR and Recruiting space, accordingly his speaker line up will consist of thought leaders  and well known names in the industry.  And given the size of the event you can meet, connect and network with all of these folks.

    If TNL gets back here to the Mid-West look for me to help them promote their events.  They have good stuff to offer. Also look for me to attend – because the content is guaranteed to be  good stuff  – and it doesn’t cost an arm and leg to attend.