• MOSHRM15 Wrap Up

    The Missouri SHRM State Conference for 2015 is over.  For those who attended there is always the melancholy feeling when a big event is over.  The build up to these things is S-O-O-O big that the let down afterward is bound to be similarly sized.  This was my first opportunity to attend MOSHRM and I was in awe of the entire event. It came off flawlessly! That said, tip of the hat to conference planner Lori Maher, you, your staff and volunteers are to be commended for a job well done!

    Some other details about the event include me and my co-presenter Donna Rogers.  Our HR Department of One program seemed to get good reviews.   We hope the fact that this is the fourth time we have spoke on the subject, it will give rise to this area getting more attention.  My friends who are running the small shop #HR are dying for more attention and content; so SHRM National and SHRM State Councils take note as  you have an underserved market.  As Donna and I point out, from SHRM, 48,000 of the 280.000 (17.1%) members are sole practitioners.

    Count of #MOSHRM15 tweets by day.

    Count of #MOSHRM15 tweets by day.

    In addition to being a speaker at the event, I was also part of the Social Media Team for the event.  So I did my best to keep the tweet stream rolling, while posting some content on Facebook as well. Based upon the graph it looks like the team did a good job with twitter.

    I attended all of the keynote sessions as well as several breakout sessions.   The breakout session seemed to average about 100 attendees per session.   I attended a couple that were very interactive with a lot of audience participation and then several others that were more lecture format. At a conference this size I think a mix of the two works very well.

    Another thing I enjoyed was the Thursday night Karaoke event.  MOSHRM was not a commuter conference.  The attendees that came were staying at the Tantara Resort and were a captive audience. Based on my non-scientific observation I would guess that 200-300 people attended the event over the course of the evening. The drinks were good and the music was fun. Unlike myself several of the folks at this event were darned good singers, so they were fun to watch perform.

    Big Jason rocking the attendees world at MOSHRM15

    Big Jason rocking the attendees world at MOSHRM15

    In terms of takeaways the most impactful session for me was Thursday’s keynote addressJason Lauritsen presented some great material on employee engagement.  Personally my biggest takeaway was the three line mantra that he made his participant repeat…

    “Uncertainty kills engagement”

    Think about that.  That is powerful, simple, direct and to the point.  Jason went on to explain further to give “CLARITY” to those things that are or seem to be somewhat uncertain.

    This advice was wrapped in the context of a presentation about Best Places to Work. All of those who I spoke with who attended the session told me they found it to be quite applicable to what was going on in their workplaces.

    I talked to know no one at the event who had anything bad to say. In fact nearly everyone in attendance had rave review.

    #MOSHRM15 is in the books and by any measure I can come with was a huge success.  I was happy to get to be a part of the event.

    So from DaveTheHRCzar a big thanks to the conference planners, attendees,  exhibitors and presenters!

  • A Doctor at an HR Conference

    When you attend a SHRM State Conference there is always the obligatory Exhibit Hall where the Vendor eagerly await the arrival of the buyers of HR Services and Products. Missouri SHRM is no different than any other state conference with their mix of vendors. They run the gambit from insurance providers to background checking vendors to payroll providers.   The one that caught my eye on my first trip through was Orthopedic Associates of St. Louis, MO.

    Dr. Byler at the OA Booth in the exhibitors hall.

    Dr. Byler at the OA Booth in the exhibitors hall.

    I was curious to know, what were the marketing opportunities, for this clinic, at the Missouri SHRM State Conference.  So I introduced myself to Dr. Cynthia Byler, DO, MPH.  Dr. Byler is one of the physicians with the clinic. We chatted for a bit and she explained to me why the firm was exhibiting at MOSHRM.

    In response to the question why are you here?  Dr. Byler said want to help employers accommodate their injured workers get the proper diagnosis, so that Companies can return their workers to the job as quickly as possible.  MOSHRM is a way to get in front of the HR folks who are charged with managing and taking care of these injured workers.

    Dy Byler’s specialization is Occupational Medicine.  I asked her what is different about an Occupational Medicine Physician and any other MD? She said one thing we try to do is address causation.   We do our best at trying to get the injured worker back to work as quickly as possible.  Dr. Byler says she has gotten to know the jobs of many of her clients.  She said she has UPS as a client.  To understand exactly what their drivers’ do she has donned a brown uniform and ridden along with them.  Dr. Byler says this has helped her build credibility with those employees who know she tries hard to understand exactly what the jobs consist of, and the work that is actually accomplished.

    Dr. Byler said part of her mission in attending MOSHRM is to help educate the attendees so they can understand that occupational injuries may be far different than other injuries.  She pointed out that Occ Med doctors will try to return injured workers to work as quickly as possible.  She said they also aware of medications that employees are taking and how this could affect the workplace. Further, she said Occ Med Doctors understand OSHA recordability of accidents and the importance of timely follow up.

    Dr. Byler said that attending the MOSHRM conference also gave her and people from her practice an opportunity to gains some new clients and network with the other vendors who are participating in the event.

    However in wrapping up she said their main reason for participating in the event is to educate the attendees to make them smarter thus helping them improve their bottom lines.  Dr. Byler said the world has become a specialized place, there is a need for what we do and that’s why we exist.

  • MOSHRM15 Bound

    Tomorrow I am leaving to attend the Missouri SHRM State Conference.   I am attending in a dual purpose capacity; I am both speaking and am part of the Social Media Team. I love both of those roles but to get to do both makes me feel blessed. In my personal life I have been very busy in the month of July. July found me in Las Vegas, Phoenix, St. Louis, Ft. Wayne, Memphis, and Chicago and with a little time in Springfield, IL where I call home.

    Donna and Dave at Illinois SHRM

    Donna and Dave at Illinois SHRM


    While I have been preparing with my Co-Presenter Donna Rogers for our session, I feel somewhat remiss in not booking up more on the conference. Well, better late than never as we say. So over the weekend I got the #MOSHRM15 app downloaded and got to pursue the offerings.


    This is a fabulous line up of speakers and topics. I have seen a number of folks speak who are on the agenda. MOSHRM is offering up some the best and the brightest in the #HR space. The folks listed below are all friends of mine and are great speakers. I will vouch for their ability to wow you with their HR prowess.

    • Ryan Estis
    • Donna Rogers
    • Jessica Miller Merrell
    • Craig Fisher
    • Jason Lauritsen
    • Meredith Nethercutt
    • Don MacPherson

    Now this is not to say that the other presenters are not equally good, or maybe even better as I have not seen them present. No matter who you pick to see MOSHRM has put together a great line-up.

    While at the conference, I am going to challenge myself. I am going to attend one session on a subject that I shy away from or simply am not interested in, why, so I can learn a little more about the matter. I am also going sit with a bunch of people I don’t know, why, so I can meet more new people and grow my network. And lastly, I am going have a ball, smiling, chatting, listening, and learning all the while I am hanging out at a beautiful resort with a bunch of people who are jacked-up to be in Human Resources!

    See you Wednesday!