Yesterday I had a chance to listen to Mike Aitken, SHRM’s VP of Government Affairs, spend an hour and 15 minutes going over what is going on in Washington DC.  Suffice it to say, for those of us dealing with complying with all of the rules and regulations from the myriad of government agencies, we have a lot coming our way!
There are BIG changes coming regarding the FLSA.  The word today was either this week, or if not this week it will be sometime before Congress goes home in August. These changes have to do with Supervisor exemption status, pay and job duties. Some major issues for employers.
Mike also talked about changes in the Americans with Disabilities Act,  rule changes at the EEOC, and NLRB rule changes.  All of this VERY pertinent to anyone in HR.
This got me to thinking about SHRM’s overall legislative efforts.  We are seeing a number of administrative changes taking place in government which are not favorable to most business.  All the while SHRM and other lobbying entities are doing what they can to help shape this legislation into something more favorable to business.   They are in Washington to be our eyes and ears.  In my opinion SHRM serves a serious accountability prospective. Imagine what this would be like without someone there looking out for our collective interests?
SHRM is our voice in government.  To date this year SHRM has been contacted more than 40 times by different government agencies, requesting SHRM’s position on an issue.   SHRM members have testified three times before Congress.  Twice a year member go to Capitol Hill to personally lobby members of Congress.
All of this does have an impact, SHRM members can and do help shape public policy and laws.  If you are interested in doing more there are many ways that you can be involved.  If you simply want to learn more there are many opportunities for you do that or you can get into an even more active role.
I speak from experience, having developed a relationship with one Congressman and having him visit our place of employment. Sadly he quit and I have to  start over, but that’s how it works.
So to wrap this up, know that SHRM is on point for it’s members when it comes to government relations, and you can be a part too!