• Social Media, Blogging and Me

    Why do we all do it, tweet, blog, facebook, Google  + and Linkedin


    I have an undergraduate degree in Communication.  Some might argue that my BA simply  exists so that institutions can crank out diplomas.  (Said another way communications ain’t rocket science.)  While this may be true, there is actually something to studying, understanding and undertaking to create effective communication.   Many of us do this in our jobs everyday, whether it is written, oral, or through pictures or video.


    Whether or not we realize it, communication is an intrinsic part of business.  The better that we do it, the more effective we will be at conducting business. Thus it behooves most of us to endeavor to be better communicators.


    One of the ways that I try, to do this, or practice at it, is through my  writing and blogging.   While my posts don’t draw the traffic that some folks do, I have had enough moments, that make me want to continue to do so.  One post I wrote about a young man who works at Fridays in the MSP airport,  was the impetus for a customer service award and recognition he received from the corporate headquarters.  I have also been invited to be a regular contributor on other sites.  This too has been rewarding.  But why, why do I do it?  I enjoy writing , I  like to get better at everything I do, and to recall a quote from one of my professors – she said, “Remember, writers write.”


    While I find blogging both enjoyable and rewarding it is not the only are of social media in which I participate.  I very much enjoy communicating with people on twitter.  I really don’t know what it is about the 140 character medium it is that I so enjoy, but it sure intrigues me, and keeps me coming back.  Probably most of all I enjoy tweeting from conferences and seminars.  I am not sure if it is the reporter in me or I just enjoy being a blabber mouth.  Either way DaveTheHRCzar loves being on the conference hashtag.


    For twitter,second to conference of are some selected twitter chats.  With my all-time long-time favorite twitter chat is the engaging and intellectually stimulating #Tchat.   The twitter portion of that chat takes place weekly for 60 minutes beginning at 6 PM Central  on Wednesdays. You can learn more about #Tchat at the Talent Culture website.


    In terms of other social media, there are two other platforms in which I regularly participates with those being Facebook and Google +.  Facebook is Facebook and if I connect with you on twitter or LinkedIn I will be happy to connect with you on these platforms as well.  I enjoy sharing my life, my family and my work with those who care to look or listen.  I  have adopted the philosophy that i got from William Tincup.  I am who I am and I am the same person on all of the platforms/mediums.  So if you are willing to connect with me on one platform, I am happy to connect with you on any other platform.
    Chris Fields and I at our first meet up.  Yep we had some drinks!

    Chris Fields and I at our first meet up. Yep we had some drinks, and a great time visiting!


    Regarding LinkedIn I have been active on it since April of 2008.  While LinkedIn is a social media I really see it as a tool.   I enjoy spending time, interacting and connecting with people on this platform as well.


    When it is all said and done, that is what all of this is all about -meeting people, and that is what I enjoy about social media.  I really and truly can not put into what it feels like, or how it makes me feel – but when you meet someone face to face that you have known on-line for a while – that feeling is simply awesome. That is what I enjoy most about social media.
  • Networking Now and Then

    I will start this post by posing the question, have you ever heard of a piece of software called Sidekick from Borland? Well this was the first application that I used to keep track of contact information. It helped me to keep track of my network. I am not sure those people were even called a network at the time. I also know that I did not work at meeting new people and trying to maintain a real relationship with them. In my early days in business you did business with people in your community, people that you could summon to your place of business. The internet did not exist as we know it today. Networking has changed! Now we network with people around the world, without a second thought. We can communicate with others who do not speak our language through translation software and smart phones.

    Today I really work hard at growing my network, and very much enjoy doing it. Today my network  grows through face to face meetings, on line meetings, phone interactions and via referrals from those already in my network. Then after we meet, it is off to LinkedIn to see if they are out there. If yes, then off goes the connection request. Then there may be a look at twitter and facebook. If I do connect with someone via social media it seems to ramp up the connection faster. Back in the ’80’s I simply did not meet at the same rate that I do today. Life has accelerated.

    Now here is another and new angle on networking, If you are out here in the HR space you may have seen a post from my friend Jay Kuhns – Jay was looking for a key employee. so he wrote a post saying so, and then he found some damn good talent. So this networking can take many paths today. Now, I would like to copy from Jay’s post and do something similar via my network.

    My oldest son Danny’s girlfriend is graduating from Missouri University of Science & Technology with a degree in Business and Management Systems. She wants to move from Rolla, MO to Memphis, TN so that she can be near man Dan. So I thought this would be a new way to use networking, just like Jay had done. Rather than trying to find an employee for an organization, I would try to find an organization for a person. She has done internships and understand processes, logistics and information systems. If you know of something looking for a sharp young graduate in this area; let’s talk.

    I will let you know if I am as good as Jay, in using a blog post to network and create a new employee/employer relationship. Wish me luck,

  • Storyvite The Next Big Social Media Site

    Today is everything is in motion, it’s alive, it’s interactive.  I recall one time (about 20 years ago) I was speaking to my son’s first grade class.  I brought a Power Point presentation and they were all wowed.  Remember it was 20 years ago.  The teacher commented to me, you have that to get their attention and I have this.  She held up a book.  I get it.  I had style and substance – she only had substance.

    So as the techy creatures that we are we seem to be drawn to the glitzy things. Well I am too.  Also, we all want to be that leader, that early adopter and be on the new thing.  Well whether you want to hear it or not there is another Social Media Application out there that might just be the next Facebook.  It is called Storyvite.

    Thanks to Ad age for the picture

    Storyvite is an application that has been developed by a gentleman named Satish Sallakonda and a small team of developers.  This is his brain child. You can find Satish on Linkedin or twitter.  I came to meet him though my Project Social partner Laura Schroeder, who also has a post on Storyvite.  In addition to Laura, Project Social partner Lyn Hoyt has also shared her thoughts on Storyvite.

    Now I think that Storyvite could well be the next huge Social Media Application.  For the record Satish likes that idea.  I see it like this; LinkedIn is a bill board and  Storyvite is a LED billboard.

    C’mon even as much as you are drawn into the Ashton/twitter billboard the LED is so much more compelling.

    So if you haven’t already clicked on over to Storyvite to take a look do so now. and set up a profile.  Satish has set up the invite code of  social if you want to set up a profile.  I have been working on mine and like any other work of art, it is a work in progress.

    Thanks to Satish for sharing with us – and his Storyvite efforts. You can contact him via email at satish@storyvite.com .

    Also thanks to Brian Kersey – Catnip20 for the youtube video.


  • Social Media Which Medium do You Choose

    The once famous or perhaps infamous media critic Marshall McLuhan espoused many years ago “the medium is the message.” So if he was correct, which Social Media platform you choose must say a lot about someone.

    I can think of six or more platforms that I use, regularly.

    Twitter|Facebook|FourSquare|LinkedIn|Skype|YouTube|Blogging & other Blog Sites

    But I must confess, my real SM home is Twitter. I like twitter the most. I like the lively – yet concise dialogues that are had on twitter. It’s also a little geeky and dare I say I like that too.  I have met some very cool people from twitter.  And lastly I will RT my best tweet of 2010 – Ppl who tweet r fun ppl. I will leave it up to my OD friends to obsess about what twitter being my number one platform means.

    I do also spend some time on Facebook, not so much but it is a great place to connect with people.  I used to reserve FB for my “real” friends and family.  But have adopted the William Tincup philosophy, which is, I am who I am on any and all platforms.  Accordingly, I am now FB friends with many of my twitter friends and some of LinkedIn acquaintances too and anyone else most anyone else who wants to connect. My project social partner Laura Schroeder is a Facebooker dirrenet than me.  She has some other ideas on the matter in her post titled Do you Facebook.

    This now really brings us to the point where the lines have become very blurry.  I have met many folks via SM and have now become good friends as we say IRL (in real life).  I also have friends of many years who I do not connect with on SM.   I also connect with folks on LinkedIn and then that goes to Facebook and to twitter.  It is becoming a never ending web. Now that’s my web, Lyn over at The HR Bacon Hut has an even more complex web of social application – seriously!

    Having recently attended HREvolution I saw just how cool FourSquare is if you’re looking for the party.  People check in and you see where the action is, and who is there.   However the same info from Foursquare is often found bleeding over on or through twitter.

    This now brings me to my closing point, about the different platforms.  In my opinion, it is ok to connect one or two mediums occasionally to get a message out, but in general I think it is a bad idea and turns people off – especially if you have 3 or 4 platforms connected. Each of them is different and serves a different audience in a different way.  So don’t connect all of your social media outlets, because it doesn’t make sense to different groups on different platforms.   And if Marshall McLuhan was right – boy will you be sending some major mixed messages!