• Project Social Rides Again

    Project Social what is it?  Well like most things anymore if I want to know more about it, I Google it.  If you do so you will end up on Ben Eubank’s blog site. While that gives you a brief overview, my view is a little different.  I was one the Project Social particpants of what I termed the Beta-ites.  Laura Schroder and I were paired up by Ben and Victorio.   Slowly we figured out what we needed to do to make Project Social a sucess in our minds. Not long after we included Lyn Hoyt in our escapades – although she came along willingly.

    Now Project Social is becoming full on operational. Apparently, you will find this triumverate under collaboration.   Laura and Lyn and I have written a number of posts on the same topic.  Then when we post them, we mention/reference our partners in the post and suggest to our readers that they check out our partners. Quite frankly at the outset it seemed like somewhat of a hair-brained scheme but I was able to sell Laura on it.   Oddly enough it did prove to be at least nominally sucessful.

    For much of 2011 Laura and I would Skype on a weekly basis – 6 am on Monday mornings (althogh it was 1 or 2 PM in Germany depending upon day light savings time).  We would chat and concoct a topic to write on.  Often times then I would contact Lyn and include her in the effort.

    This worked well to keep us posting.  We were accountable to each other to meet the deadlines and get the work complete. I know at one point Lyn told me that she was posting monthly and we were trying to get her to post weekly, and we did. We pushed her and she liked it.

    Another benefit to this collaborative effort was it helped each of us to increase the traffic on our sites.  We began seeing cross-overs readers from one and others followers.  On a few occasions it was significant.  We also increased our Twitter followers and presence on the platform with the interaction with one and other.

    Well now my understanding that here on the Project Social Site we are going to be a mini-carnival.  Most carnivals consist of numerous posts ont he same subject matter.  We will continue to do this, I guess until we come up with another scheme.  So look for the the three of us out in the blogospher and here through the Project Social web site.

    In the  meantime if you would like to be part of this effort, you can join in right here.

  • Project Social – 6 Month Check-up

    It has been six months since Laura Schroeder and I became Project Social Partners.  We were matched up by Ben and Victorio as part of the roll out of their brain child Project Social.  We were told that we would be part of a small beta group. Laura and I agreed happily.

    While we did agree to participate we did not receive a planner, outline, syllabus or any other guiding documents.  So we were pretty much on our own to figure out what it was that we both wanted to get out of it.  I was really somewhat shocked to find out that Laura lived in Munich Germany.  I thought wow, this is rather international for old Central Illinois Dave.

    Laura and I figured out that Skype would be the way to communicate.  We also learned that there was a seven hour time difference between Springfield and Munich. We established a target time, and we try to chat weekly.  When we talk, we talk about what is going on in our lives and what we want to blog about.

    What we have done is write about the same topic and then we link to each others post.  This seems to have increased traffic to each others site.  We also have seen an increase in followers from each other’s blogs.  We both have also learned more about SEO.  We have learned what days create more traffic for our posts.  Again we are doing this,  so see what Laura’s take on the matter is here at her  blog Working Girl.

    We have encouraged each other to push their personal limits.  Although I still have not yet gotten Laura to do her first video blog, but it is coming.  Laura has given birth to Jonas, who I have met on skype, and even wrote a post about. Laura has helped to validate my thoughts on things.  Sometime I feel my opinion about things is not really representative of anyone else’s, but she encourages me, having referred to me as the everyman HR guy.

    Although I must say out of all of the wonderful benefits I have reaped from this endeavor the biggest and best thing is making a new and dear friend.  Laura and I have not met face to face, although she knows a lot more about what is going on in my life than most of my friends.  I have shared nearly private moments with Laura and her young baby boy.  This is no different than other acquaintances I have made on line.  It is not an unusual way to meet people, it is just another way.

    And the kicker is that once you meet people on line, in second life, any way other than face to face, you always have the experience of meeting face to face for the first time to look forward to.  I guess the next step in this process is for us to introduce our spouses to each other.  My first skype call to Laura was on my wife’s computer, so I suspect this will happen at some point.

    We will continue to do what we are doing, that and more, because Laura and I are both enjoying this and learning from this effort.  How long it will go on I don’t know.  This was our six month check up; we see how this thing looks after a year.

    Thanks Laura it has been my pleasure!