• Calling HR Puck Heads

    A  fellow I work with sent me a link to a video. I am sharing this with the twitter group #HRPuckheads.  This is a group of HR geeks who also enjoy hockey – just as I do.  The video need not introduction.  If you don’t know who Warren Zevon was Google him.



  • War Stories from the Ice Rink

    As the HROfficial I haven’t really brought hockey into the blog much, but I have a couple short “war stories” from the rink that have occurred recently and I felt the need to share.

     Story number one is this.  I am preparing to referee a tournament game.  For those of you who are not involved in the sport let me give a few little nuggets about the game.  Parents pay a lot of money for their kids to participate.  Parents dedicate a lot of time and travel to playing.  Coaches sometimes play favorites and your kid may benefit from this – or may get the short end of the deal.

     Ok now were at the game, as I prepare to walk on the ice, one of the coaches asks to speak to me.  He openly and honestly says to me, “Ref – were gonna get killed in this game.”   He then asked me to watch out for his player so they did not get hurt.  There are four teams in the tournament.  I am talking to the coach from team A.  He told me yesterday team C played Team DTeam D beat team C by 10 goals.   Also yesterday the coach of Team A played team C and got beat by more than 10 goals.  So given that scenario Team D is could or should beat Team A by 20+ goals; a blood bath by any definition.

     Without trying to give anyone a competitive advantage or disadvantage I explained the concerns of the Team A Coach to Team D head coach. He looked at me and smiled and nodded.  Unsure what that meant it was unclear as to how the game would play out.  Team D scored 3 goals in the first period.  They did a lot of passing and working the puck. The game ended 8-0.  Team D could have beat team A by 25 goals but the coach made sure it didn’t go down that way.   After the handshake at the end of the game I spoke to the coach of Team D and told him that was by far the greatest display of sportsmanship I had seen in the last ten years.  He smiled.  He went home, and so did I – only I went home with a renewed faith in humanity!

     The second story is much shorter.  At the start of each game, the Referees must interact with both coaches checking rosters and getting signatures.  I choose to introduce myself, shake hands with each of the coaches and then wish them “good luck”.    As I shook hands with one of the coaches he was pressing a pre-positioned object into my hand.  As I pulled away and opened my hand I found a small tootsie roll.  The coach looked at me a smiled and said”It’s to make you sweeter.”  I smiled and told him that was good.  At this point I don’t even recall if his team won or lost.  Again I went home with a renewed faith in humanity.

     It is the people like this involved in the sport that make me was to continue to referee until I have to skate with a walker.

  • Blog Post # 1

    After quite a bit of coaxing and some valuable  coaching I have decided to launch into the world with a new blog of my own. While I have posted on several other sites this endeavor leaves me no where to run and hide if I really offend someone – and I will.  If you would like to know a little bit more about the blog and the guy behind it, just visit the about page; otherwise make the connection by yourself.

    In this my first post I would like to talk about how I got to this point.  Looking back I first post on a blog site in  December of 2007.  At that time I was following some bloggers who are still on the scene today. Those pioneers are Suzanne Lucas The Evil HR Lady, Wally Bock – Three Star Leadership and Allison Gree at Ask a Manager.  These folks are still doing it, so hats off to them for thier service and longevity.  Take a look at them and learn from thier wisdom!

    At HR Official I am going to talk about Human Resources related stuff, from my views as an HR Generalist and as an Ice Hockey Official. Many times during my work day I feel like a referee, and when I am on the ice I feel like a Compliance Manager.   I will try to make the connection.  There is an old adage in officiating that at the end of the game if both coaches are mad – you  did a good job. 

    I hope to see many of my old friends in this space, and to make some new friends as well. 

    So here we go….