Recently I had the opportunity to post over at Michael Carty’s XpertHR site.   Michael had asked folks to answer this question in their post. If you could, what is the one thing you would change about HR. My take on the matter had me looking at the HR certification process and looking at broadening the types of certifications.

On Monday of this week when I was visiting with my Project Social partner Laura Schroeder, we were discussing this and Laura was sure there was more to say about the subject than I had said. We agreed that HR has changed and continue to broaden as profession and there are several disciplines that have now moved under the umbrella of HR.  Let’s refer to them like we do in the job descriptions …. and other duties as assigned.  In a recent post Laura has likened it to HR housework.

We continue to be bombarded about engagement.  Engagement as best as I can tell, falls somewhere between Organizational Development and Industrial Psychology.    To a guy like me with a pedestrian undergraduate degree in Communication from a largely liberal arts university it looks like I really should be some sort of clinician to have this job.

So as I move from the clinician improving employee engagement back to a compensation initiative, I am nearly knee deep in the accounting world.  That is a tough transition.   Charley Judy is the only guy I know who sports CPA/SPHR behind his name.

In the same day I might be called upon to render an opinion/directive on how we as a Company, given a certain set of circumstances will  comply with OSHA standard 1910.147 (and if you know what that is without looking it up you are a geek too).

And before the end of the day someone has come to me with a question why our HRIS is not interfacing properly with our ATS, and I am expected to know the answer immediately.

So if you are going to be in HR these days you had better be able to wear a lot of hats, because it seems like the CEO types continue to push things under our umbrealla.