You are attending the SHRM 2015, it is imperative that you plan some time to visit the Expo Hall.  I suggest you do this on the front -plan – when you are going to do this. Perhaps you might make an appointment on your calendar “Visit Expo Hall”.
2014-06-23 11.21.32Even if you have attended the Annual Conference before you should  have a plan for The Expo Hall visit. It would seem to me that you would be visiting the hall for one of several reason, so depending upon your motivation you will want to plan accordingly.
Some people are in it simply for the swag – the free stuff! Others are looking big picture and trying to grasp what is the latest and greatest in HR, what is or is soon to be the buzz.  I myself have attended with this objective, I want to see all of the vendors that I can that sell a particular service or product.  You might also want to meet face to face with a representative of a product that you currently are using, but are facing some challenges or anticipated changes. Or, you may have some very special reason of your own for attending.
So assuming you have figured out the why, I suggest the next thing is the  who.  Who do you want to see? This is where the conference app can be a huge help.  Use the app to search and find those vendors  you wish to visit.  Check them off in your app, and bam you are ready to hit The Expo Hall Floor.
I try to be an organized  person so I tend to do things in this fashion, with a plan. However, don’t let that stop you from immersing yourself in what is going on.  Be sure to simply wonder around,  talk to the vendors who are friendly or appear to have an interesting product or service.  Check out new vendors.  If you use ADP for payroll this might be a great opportunity to see what other companies offer.  If you use Paychex or another payroll provider, this might be a great time to see what ADP has to offer.  (I picked on ADP because they are the biggest, toughest kid on the block.)
In case you don’t know this, if you talk to a vendor, do expect them to call you. This is ok, because that is why they pay SHRM a lot of money to get in front of people like you and me.  If you have no interest, or are not the right person to purchase the product or service, simply let them know, and the sales person should respect this,
In trying to keep this short and to the point, remember The Expo Hall is like Disney World;  don’t walk in the park and spend all of your time shopping in the shops on Main  Street.  Visit those rides and attractions you came to see!
The Expo Hall opens at 4 PM on Sunday and   you will find free drinks there!  Have a great conference!