I have been trying to loose some weight since the first of the year.  Doing so, for me involves a lot of time exercising.  I am not one of those folks who has been blessed with a metabolism that runs at 12,000 RPMs,  in fact mine is very slow.  Since  exercise is not something that I live to do I try to pass the time with distractions like podcasts and/or television.

So in my marathon exercise sessions i can usually only take the news cycle about once, before I am clicking on to something more stimulating. So today I was drawn in by the National Geographic Channel’s  Alaska State Troopers.  I know it sounds kind of cheesy but I get sucked into the cop shows.  Then add in the Alaska element and it really draws me in.  Many of the troopers in Alaska fly around in single engine planes because the state is so damn big.  Understand I had not seen this show  before today. I had seen the promos, but never actually watched it.
In the episode I watched, there were several things that just jumped out at me. This seemed to happen in many of the vignettes it seems like the ASP had to devote an inordinate amount of resources to each criminal that they are attempting to apprehend.  (They have to leave a lot of areas uncovered to do this.)
In the next vignette the ASP was responding to a repeat offender. They ASP knew the guy they that they were going to see.  They knew him by name, they knew his bio, they knew of the perps full background.


In yet another vignette, the ASP has to go into community where they are not welcomed by the locals. Nonetheless they have to go in and get their perp – i.e. do their job.


So let’s review here – do you ever spend a bunch of HR resources on one lone problem employee, while neglecting the rest of the staff? How about this do you ever find that you are having repeated contact with the same employees over and over – you know the book on them right? Or have you have had to go into a division, a department, a building and clean up a staffing mess – and no one wants you there?    These are all hauntingly parallel to the scenes I watched on Alaska State Troopers.


I have often felt like I was just a cop trying to keep peace and doing the right thing, even when no one wanted me there.  And everyone in HR knows that we, like any other entity, fall under the  90/10 rule – spending 90% of our time on 10% of our staff. So one could deduce based on the only episode I have viewed that HR ain’t all that different than being a cop – even in Alaska.