Today is everything is in motion, it’s alive, it’s interactive.  I recall one time (about 20 years ago) I was speaking to my son’s first grade class.  I brought a Power Point presentation and they were all wowed.  Remember it was 20 years ago.  The teacher commented to me, you have that to get their attention and I have this.  She held up a book.  I get it.  I had style and substance – she only had substance.

So as the techy creatures that we are we seem to be drawn to the glitzy things. Well I am too.  Also, we all want to be that leader, that early adopter and be on the new thing.  Well whether you want to hear it or not there is another Social Media Application out there that might just be the next Facebook.  It is called Storyvite.

Thanks to Ad age for the picture

Storyvite is an application that has been developed by a gentleman named Satish Sallakonda and a small team of developers.  This is his brain child. You can find Satish on Linkedin or twitter.  I came to meet him though my Project Social partner Laura Schroeder, who also has a post on Storyvite.  In addition to Laura, Project Social partner Lyn Hoyt has also shared her thoughts on Storyvite.

Now I think that Storyvite could well be the next huge Social Media Application.  For the record Satish likes that idea.  I see it like this; LinkedIn is a bill board and  Storyvite is a LED billboard.

C’mon even as much as you are drawn into the Ashton/twitter billboard the LED is so much more compelling.

So if you haven’t already clicked on over to Storyvite to take a look do so now. and set up a profile.  Satish has set up the invite code of  social if you want to set up a profile.  I have been working on mine and like any other work of art, it is a work in progress.

Thanks to Satish for sharing with us – and his Storyvite efforts. You can contact him via email at .

Also thanks to Brian Kersey – Catnip20 for the youtube video.