After meeting someone for the first time, they often ask, “What do you do?” A normal question, as people often identify their job, their career, their profession with who they are. Well I have been in Human Resources for a long time and I know that it continues to encompass more activities. To date though, I have never thought of myself as one who practices witchcraft or the dark arts.

Humor me for 0:56 and check out this video.

While our friend Bruce Cameron in the video is talking somewhat  “tounge in cheek” – we hope; there are a number of disturbing things he says in the video.

For example, if an employee relates something to you, and insists they don’t want to be called out on what they have shared with you, often times, you must betray that trust and deal with the issue.  Simply by virtue of knowing about the matter, as a moral ethical professional you ultimately end up violating that employees trust.  Day in and day out I feel like I sometimes have to switch from magician to hangman, funny but true. My Project Social Partner Laura Schroeder and I discused this and both felt this way. You can read what she has to say on the matter here.

HR is called upon to deal with some of the ugliest pieces of business an employer must face.  We must talk to employees about thier divorces; life insurance claims and the death of a loved one, lay-offs.

So whether you call it HR or the Dark Arts,  the best advise is to be honest and up front with everyone.  I am reminded of what a lawyer friend once told me,  always tell the truth and it’s hard to go wrong. – Good advise for any profession!