These are some othe ramblings of mine as a guest blogger or content administrator


These are guest posts that were posted at Blogging4Jobs

Post on engaging people into Social Media

Post on Domestic Partner Benefits

Post about SHRM Blog Squad  2010 Conference

Follow up post on the SHRM Blog Squad

Post on Work Life Balance

These are guest posts that were posted at Upstart HR

Post on how younger folks can get into Human Resources

Post on Younger HR pros establishing credibility

Post on Younger HR pros finding meaningful work

Drive Thru HR

A Chat with host Bryan Wempen leading up to the SHRM 2010 Leeadership Conference

Drive Thru HR Show 138 Visiting with William Tincup & Bryan Wempen

Drive Thur HR SHow November 10, 2011 with Bryan Wempen

HR Happy Hour

I somehow ended up as a fill in guest on HR Happy Hour Episode #102

Xpert HR

Post On One thing I would change about HR

Other Posts

Post on Oklahoma SHRM State Web site on chapters connecting


Post on HR and wellness programs at IncBlot from Dr. Daniel Crosby

Cost of Work

This  post is at Chris Fields site and is about leadership

The Buzz on HR

Reagn, Reinstatement and the COC –  you have to love this title

Sage Software

Here is an interview I did with the folks at Sage HRM

These are posts primarily from me at the blog site for Illinois State Council for SHRM

And as the web administrator I have left a trail of content over at the Central Illinoins Society of Human Resources Management website at