Just a couple of days ago my buddy Chris Fields @new_resource updated his twitter avatar.  I picked up on this and noticed

Random Shot of Tweet Deck

that it had changed again, probably the third time in last few months.  This really got me to thinking about my twitter avatar,  my facebook pic, Linkedin and so on.  Chris’s  move got me somewhat introspective and thinking my twitter avatar is no longer represntative of how I look.  I have since lost the goatee.  My facebook avatar is from a 2007 trip to SHRM headquarters, so it is tired too.  Thanks to Chris I am updated, and resigned to pay a little more attention to that, going forward.  There are some folks, who are excellent about changing up their avatars, while the other  group that I am in, tend to upload a picture when we create a profile and seldom, if ever update it.

This got me to thinking a little more about the avatar.  I think most folks are modest and almost uncomfortable showcasing themselves via pictures or video.  In fact I know for me, I have to work hard to find a picture that I like and want to share with the world.  After all with this avatar you say  this is who I am and this is what I look like – this is me. I hope you like me based on the way I look.

What is it that drives some folks to be diligent and update these things routinely?  Why are some people so shy about putting their picture out there on any profile?  Some people do not even put a picture  of themselves – why.   I do think the avatar says a lot about someone.  It is what you want to show the world everyday. For me the avatar is like guys over 30 with pony tails.  This person is sending a message.  I am not sure I can decode that message – but there is a message and often time a powerful message.

So my new self-imposed rule  is this,  I should update my avatars at least annually and more often if there is  a dramatic change to my appearance.  Check back to see if post my green mow-hawk come St. Patrick’s Day.