I recently ran a post about my top ten reasons for attending the SHRM 2015 (aka #SHRM15) annual conference.  This got me to thinking about other folks and got me to wondering why others attend.  So, I contacted some of my friends and asked them.  For the next several days I am going to post up their comments at to why they are attending.  Today is day five and we are going to hear from a really, really good friend of mine Tiffany Kuehl.


Tiffany is all over the place when it comes to conferences, SHRM, Social Medai, HR, motherhood and Minnesotaism (I made up the last one). Tiffany is sought after for her knowledge, skill, her social media cache among other things.  So what I am say is this, you can take Tiffany’s comments to the banks. If she said It – it’s true! BAM!


So I asked her why do you attend this event Tiffany? This is what I got.

  1. First and foremost is for the networking, as well as to connect with people outside of my organization.  Tiffany said that attending this event allows me to connect with people from very small organizations to fortune 500 companies and I can’t do that sitting at my desk.  It also allows me to hear what others in the field of recruiting are up to, and what problems and challenges they are managing.
  2. For the second reason Tiffany said I have been a local SHRM volunteer for 12 years – as the president of my  local chapter I got to meet other volunteer leaders, as well as people from other states and even other countries.  We share stories of struggles and successes in our role as volunteer leaders.  It is most informative to compare notes and learn how other mega chapters are handling various topics. The annual conference is such a different venue than any other state conference no matter how good it may be.
  3. Thirdly Tiffany said is about professional development, with the caveat that It is not about the credits, it is about staying current and knowing what is going on in the industry. I can go back to my work place and say yes we are doing the right things, or here are some of the things that we should be doing. While it is not the be-all end-all, it is a great gut check, to see if things are getting done right. But you can’t get this stuff without getting out of the office.   You can get some of this from your local groups, if you have them as a resource, however you can’t get all of what you get from walking through the expo hall and seeing what is cutting edge technology in the HR business. In the hall you can find vendors for anything and everything all in one place.

In closing Tiffany remarked, that at the show, you make friends, and you hang out with old friends. In some respect the SHRM Annual Conference is like a reunion – exactly what Steve Browne said earlier in the week.

You can connect with Tiffany on Twitter, or on LinkedIn and you can find blogs posts from here at Performance I Create