I recently ran a post about my top ten reasons for attending the SHRM 2015 (aka #SHRM15) annual conference.  This got me to thinking about other folks and got me to wondering why others attend.  So, I contacted some of my friends and asked them.  For the next several days I am going to post up their comments at to why they are attending.  Today is day two and we are going to hear from the omnipresent Steve Browne.


Steve Browne is an enigma – he is a great guy too.  Steve is from Ohio and is died in the wool SHRMie who bleeds blue.  Steve has been an outspoken leader for quite sometime.  If you have not met him I would encourage you to do so, he is knowledgeable about HR, he loves HR, he is a great father and husband and he chews with his mouth shut – what more can I say.

Steve’s top three reasons that he enjoys attending the SHRM Annual Conference are this.

  • Steve likes to talk, and talking/speaking is something that Steve is going to get to do at the conference. When I say speak I mean Presenting (doing a session).   He says getting to do this is a very humbling experience. Steve says that he think that conference participants like to hear from real HR Practitioners .
  • Another reason he likes attending the conference is that this allows him to meet many of his peers. Steve says he has commented that he wants to meet everyone at the conference, while knowing that this is not practical, but he would be elated if he could in fact meet ALL of the attendees.  Steve said that all members need to “reached out” more.  Steve mentioned a conversation where he was recently speaking with a young man from Lubbock, TX who had contacted him recently about a student chapter.  Steve said that this young man was told that if he didn’t have some documents complete by 6/1 or it would be rejected.  Steve told the young man get it done as soon as you can and let me see if I can help you out.   The bottom line is this Steve likes people!
  • The third reason Steve talked about was this. Steve said that as a MAC rep he likes to hear from people about their thoughts and ideas about SHRM. Steve feels like he can help shape and move those messages both up and down the line.   Steve said he thinks sometimes members feel that the organization could listen to members better, while countering that sometime members could do a better job of listening and trying to help SHRM.  Steve says this conference is a great opportunity to improve our professions.

In closing Steve said he also enjoys meeting up with old friends.  Steve said that we have become far more connected with the advance of social media, so when people do get to meet up  it’s reminiscent of a family reunion type of atmosphere.

So if you don’t know Steve Browne, I suggest you meet him at the event! In the meantime you can connect with Steve on Twitter, on LinkedIn and visit his blog site Everyday People