I recently ran a post about my top ten reasons for attending the SHRM 2015 (aka #SHRM15) annual conference.  This got me to thinking about other folks and got me to wondering why others attend.  So, I contacted some of my friends and asked them.  For the next several days I am going to post up their comments at to why they are attending.  Today is day four and we are going to hear from Brad Galin.

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Brad Galin is an HR guy who has done a lot of work in the public sector. Brad has been involved in social media since 2009ish.  While Brad may reside in Michigan currently, he is most well known in SHRM circles for his contributions to Indiana SHRM (it’s a long story).  Brad currently works in HR for a Michigan School district.  Brad is one of the Veterans on the Conference scene.  I caught up with him and asked him what it is about the SHRM National Conference that really trips his trigger.  These are his responses.

  • Seeing the speakers both the keynotes and the breakouts is one of the things I enjoy the most. I always try to see a speaker I don’t know and listen to them speak about something that is not in my wheelhouse. I like to challenge myself to do this. This year I am looking forward to seeing Marcus Buckingham.   When asked how this works out for him, Brad said sometimes good and other times not so good. In Chicago, I went to a Master Series to see an author who had received great acclaim. I was expecting more and was somewhat disappointed.  He said maybe I was not in the mood for his message. Brad continued though, saying last year in Orlando I attended a concurrent session on legal matters, the speaker was ok but the content was very great.
  • Reason number two to attend –The SHRM Store. Brad says it is not just because of Andy and Vince, I am a voracious reader and it allows me to obtain some new books that I may have overlooked which adds to my annual reading list. Even though I get to peruse the bookstore at the SHRM leadership conference and INSHRM those versions of the SHRM book store do not rival the bookstore at the big show.  (Note regarding the bookstore, if you do not know Andi Cale or Vince Caldwell stop by the bookstore and meet them. They are two people in SHRM that it is imperative that you know, and they are genuinely nice folks.)
  • The third reason Brad enjoys attending is this. He says he likes getting to reconnect in person with all of the people that he knows and has met over the years . Brad said he was looking at the blogger list, and I know personally and have met all but three of the folks on the list.

Wrapping up our conversation Brad said that this is my first trip Vegas.  Being the roller coaster nut that I am I going check out all of the stuff that Vegas has to offer when it comes to coasters.  Be sure to connect with Brad on Twitter, on Linkedin  or visit his aptly named blog site Roller Coaster HR.