POTUSThe last post I wrote had to do with minimum wage – politics if you will. I got some decent feedback on the matter, so I will continue down that dark road.    I like to think of myself as a man of action (maybe that’s a bit much) but anyway as someone who would rather try and do something about a matter, other than just complain.

So The Affordable Health Care Act is on my radar now.   While I have not been an ardent supporter of the matter from the get-go, I have tried to refrain from proclaiming it to be the end of civilization as we know it, unlike a particular television network.  But the longer this thing drags out and morphs and changes and results in more delays, and revamping of other plans, I am slowly migrating into the pool of people who are ready to throw the whole damn thing on the sh$%heap.  I am trying to be a good HR rep and comply as the government requests, but then they turn around and can never meet any of their own self-imposed deadlines.

People in government do not ingratiate themselves to people  in business by delaying and delaying and extending delays.  I can’t understand it to mean anything but utter and shear incompetence.  By the way who got fired over any of this?  The last time I check Ms. Sebelius was still in charge over at HHS.  If somebody botched something like this at your shop – wouldn’t heads roll?

Now this is what is going on in front of implementation.  I am really troubled as to how this will work when they actually have to run or operate a program.   And I don’t know what to do about it – as I am a man of action.  There is not much that “old fat Dave” can do to affect change on the Affordable Health Care Act.  Got any good ideas?