• Let’s Fine the Emloyees

    If you have been in the HR trenches at some point  you have had to, no doubt, had to do some employee safety training at some point,  And while many of the staff, where ever you may be, tend to yawn when it comes to safety training, I often find myself defaulting back to this.  I tell them, the trainees, that this stuff is important to me, because I do not want to have to be the Company employee who has to contact the family and say,”Mrs. Ryan there has been an accident,,,”

    Good Companies work very hard to ensure that their employees are aware of safety rules and laws.  But there are those employee who refuse to follow the rules, to do what they are supposed to do.  What then should an employer do to get them to be compliant?   Recently I have been following a debate in the industrial safety circles where the conversation centers on OSHA fining employees.

    As I contemplated this, I got to thinking about another group of employees- those who drive.   Whether you are a truck driver, a sales manager or a claims adjuster there are those employees who must drive to get their job done.  So while they are doing their job, if they break the rules (run stop lights or speed) there is the chance that they may receive a traffic citation – a ticket.

    So what would be so wrong with an employee being fined by OSHA during an inspection. Here is the scenario;  during an OSHA inspection an employee is found not to be wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment,   Upon investigation it is found that the  employee has been trained and provided with the equipment.  It is even discovered that the employee has previously recieved discipline for not wearing their PPE.  So to look at this another way, this would be this employee “speeding”.  What is wrong with giving the employee a “PPE Speeding Ticket” ?

    According to a few blogs I have read, something similar to this is now going on in Canada.  I think this would add a level of accountability to both employer and the employee as well.  Employee fines would also be something else for safety trainers to hold over the head of their trainees as well.  We could be in the situation now where the employer is threatening to call OHSA to come to their place of business to see and fine non-compliant employees – or maybe they might already in the facility and have s PPE trap already set-up.









  • ACA The latest Update

    POTUSThe last post I wrote had to do with minimum wage – politics if you will. I got some decent feedback on the matter, so I will continue down that dark road.    I like to think of myself as a man of action (maybe that’s a bit much) but anyway as someone who would rather try and do something about a matter, other than just complain.

    So The Affordable Health Care Act is on my radar now.   While I have not been an ardent supporter of the matter from the get-go, I have tried to refrain from proclaiming it to be the end of civilization as we know it, unlike a particular television network.  But the longer this thing drags out and morphs and changes and results in more delays, and revamping of other plans, I am slowly migrating into the pool of people who are ready to throw the whole damn thing on the sh$%heap.  I am trying to be a good HR rep and comply as the government requests, but then they turn around and can never meet any of their own self-imposed deadlines.

    People in government do not ingratiate themselves to people  in business by delaying and delaying and extending delays.  I can’t understand it to mean anything but utter and shear incompetence.  By the way who got fired over any of this?  The last time I check Ms. Sebelius was still in charge over at HHS.  If somebody botched something like this at your shop – wouldn’t heads roll?

    Now this is what is going on in front of implementation.  I am really troubled as to how this will work when they actually have to run or operate a program.   And I don’t know what to do about it – as I am a man of action.  There is not much that “old fat Dave” can do to affect change on the Affordable Health Care Act.  Got any good ideas?


  • Fight for Fifteen

    I live in a state where we have sent four of our previous six governors to jail.  We have our problems and it would appear that our governor’s 15 An hourhaving good sense is at the top of that list.  I am not sure what happens to them when they become the state’s top executive.

    Our current governor, Pat Quinn appears to have the same problem solving ability and the last 7 of them.  He is now beating the drum on the same subject as President Obama – raising the minimum wage.  I am just flabbergasted at their apparent lack of understanding about this matter.

    I am not an economist or a business expert but I do understand that the people at the bottom end of the economic spectrum, whoever they are, will always be there. No matter how much money the people at the bottom have, we will always have people at the bottom. They are there for a reason – right or wrong.

    We can raise the bottom, but then the top will go up and everyone in between will be raised.  Here is a simple example. If we raise the nation’s minimum wage to $15 an hour, the cost of everything will go up.  The cost of a gallon of gas will rise to around $8 a gallon.  Other employers will have to raise wages to retain highly skilled employees.  Highly compensated fields compensation will increase dramatically.

    When automobiles cost $75.000, people who make $15 an hour won’t be able to afford car insurance (which is required by law) let alone the car itself.

    Let me demonstrate graphically.


    Current Pay Rate $7.50 $9.00 $11.00 $15.00 $20.00 $25.00
    $15 an hour minimum wage $15.00 $18.00 $22.00 $30.00 $40.00 $50.00

    So to keep everything in proportion under the $15 an hour minim wage, people who used to make $25 an hour will make $50 – because of the market place.  That is what employers will have to do to keep those skilled quality employees.  Then they will be so much further ahead of the people who are now making $15 an hour.  It isn’t fair, I know.  Life isn’t fair and this is how free enterprise works.

    I get this – AND I am not an economist.  The only sense I can make of this, is that this is politicians are trying to placate the masses who work at minimum wage. It is a flawed concept and will not work.  HELLO?