Yesterday the Exhibit Hall for the SHRM National Conference opened.   I don’t have an exact number but my guess is 400 – 500 exhibitors were present.   Some of the booths are ostentatious – really.  Some of the booths are fairly plain with a banner or two,  maybe a computer display or two but that is about it.

Many of the exhibitors have a dozen or more folks on staff to help peddle their wares.  Some of the smaller booths have only 3-4 but it would appear to be adequate for what they are trying to accomplish.

I am not sure what the vendors pay to exhibit in the hall, but I know what my employer pays to attend major national trade shows. My guess is that booths cost around $5 K and to bring the staff and materials on site is a $25K undertaking.  That should be a big deal in anyone’s realm.

As I walked the floor I was shocked to come upon one booth.  There was no one in the booth.  It was set up, there was a display but there was no one there.  Who does that?  Someone dropped the ball.  If that were my Company – and that happened – someone would loose their job.  I was going to put a picture of this operation, but I decided better.  If you want to know who it is contact me and I will email you.

I am headed down to the floor later today, I am going to check and see if they are still missing in action, or if  it is staffed.