If you are in Human Resources this is the BIG SHOW.  Yes I am talking about the Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference – this year in Chicago, IL.  Are you going?  If you are in HR this is the big kahuna – even if, gasp -god forbid you are not a SHRM member.

Ok so that’s my opinion, GO even if your employer won’t pay for it. It will be good for you, your career, your education, your network and your self-esteem. I am not the only one who subscribes to this theory; check out this 2011 post from Charlie Judy.

Ok so having said that, this post is the lead in to SHRM chat for April 2013,  We are going to drive the discussion toward why attend this conference, what it can do for you, your local  SHRM Chapter and/or State Council.

Question 1

What is the biggest take away YOU’ve  gotten from a SHRM National Conference? (and the answer can not be Strategic Credits)

Question 2

With so many sessions, what drives your decision to attend one session over another one?

Question 3

What advise would you have for someone whose employer will not pay for their attendance?

Question 4

What benefit can the National Conference offer for local SHRM Chapters?

Question 5

What is your must see/must do in the Windy City?

Ok folks, that the set up for #SHRMChat on Twitter on Tuesday April April 9th.

8 PM – Eastern | 7 PM Central | 6 PM Mountain | 5 PM Pacific|.   We hope to see you on the stream!