It is after all the first of the year and it seems that everyone is chipping in with their two cents worth on what the future holds. Sadly I don’t know what it holds- there that’s my answer.

Now perhaps I am better equipped to see trends, than make full-bore all out predictions, but as the title would suggest, today I am discussing blogging. Last year I became a guest blogger at Sanera Camp, and going forward I have agreed to submit posts on a regular basis there with Alicia.  Then later in the year I was offered another opportunity by Chris Ponder to be a regular contributor on the Performance I Create blog site. On a personal level, these are huge and exciting opportunities for me and I feel fortunate to be afforded them.

On a macro sense I feel I am just part of a trend that will grow  in 2013the Multi-Contributor Blog Site.  I see this being the next direction that blogging will take.  There are many reasons for this; here are a justs few

  • The collective voice is louder than the individual voice
  • The site shares in diversity of thought
  • Each blogger brings a different audience
  • Bloggers will get cross-over followers
  • Maintaining new content is much easier
  • The volume of content expnads
  • Bloggers like all other folks like being on “Teams
  • Synergy
  • New power to promote ideas or issues

While these are not the only reasons that someone or an organization would create a multi-contributor site, they certainly are in the forefront.

For those of us who are embarking upon a multi-contributor site journey, we have some sites that we can look to and see how they have been successful. Each of these sites has broken new ground and have put new ideas and concepts into the thought stream.

Fistful of Talent

Project Social

Women of HR


Talent Culture (aka #TChat)

HR Examiner

If you haven’t looked at these sites, please check them out as they all contain top notch material.

The concept of growth of the multi-contributor site  is is not just my opinion.  On a recent Drive Thru HR broadcastWilliam Tincup mentioned this while he was discussing  with Chris Fields (at about 14:20 into the show). William too thinks that this is a growth area for blogging.

As I was poking around and looking  up links for this post, I found that Chris Ponder has shut down his site, to dedicate his efforts to what we like to call PICHR. Is this another trend that will take place, with authors finding enough ways to contribute through other outlets and not maintaining their own site?

-Stay tuned-


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