The Holiday Season (politically correct term for  Christmas  – from Dave the Christian) is upon us.  I think it is written in the blogger code of ethics that I must write at least one seasonal post a year. So here it is…

We all get them every year. The Christmas card.  Now don’t mistake my sarcasm to mean that I don’t like them – because I do. I read each and every one that comes to my house, and I enjoy them.  I like the letters that some folks send, I love the pictures (where you look at them and go when did little Suzie go from being a six year old to an attractive young lady) and the cards are great too. Obviously if someone took the time to send it to me I can take the time to check it out.  But every once in while I get a belly full of how Billy made the honor roll at MIT and that Sally was made captain of the cheer leading squad, and the John just got the big promotion which allow them to buy the new house and new car, you get the drift.  Just ONCE is would be refreshing if not comical if the letter read something like this…

Hi All –

Well it has been a tough year at the Ryan house and quite frankly we are glad that year is coming to a close.   In case you didn’t hear the year started out with the IRS audit, and them seizing our home and all of our assets.  But with some good legal work we were able to stay in the house and keep the 15 year old truck.  They did take all of our furniture but we have picked up some nice stuff since then at various garage sales – something we enjoy doing now.

Rover in his new look

In March Sheila backed over Rover who was sleeping under the car. He had been ill so his time was just about up anyway. We had him stuffed and even now he still goes with us where we go.

We attended the Company picnic in July and on the way home Dave got stopped by the Police.  He only blew a .18 so it wasn’t that bad.   And they dropped the charges on  the crack pipe they found in the ash tray.  One of the employees where Dave works had got in the truck at the picnic and smoked some crack and forgot his pipe.  We gave it back to him.

Later in the year it seemed like things were starting to turn around after we got that nice workers comp settlement after Dave cut off one of his fingers at the factory.  But then he took the money and went to the Casino and lost it all in about 2 hours,

We got the whole family together at Thanksgiving which was very nice.  It did get ugly though when our boys’ Danny and Kevin’s girlfriends got into a fistfight.   Thankfully Danny’s girlfriend  dropped the restraining order, so we should be able to get together with everyone again, and have a nice Christmas.

That’s about all that’s new with us, hope you have a holiday.


Ok, the Ryan’s have some problems but they’re working through them.  You would at least feel better about your self after reading that.

That’s all – Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Kwanzaa or what ever you might celebrate at this time of year.