I am a guy so or course by default that means I really don’t like to shop.  I do make purchases, and a lot of them. It is pretty simple and goes like this. I look until I find what need, then I make a purchase. No regrets! I might have been able to find it cheaper, or have used a coupon of some other smart move that my wife would have made but nope- I bought it. It is a done deal – over.


I was on my way home from SHRM Leadership and I was shopping – on line of course for some work needs – some promo stuff.   After surfing for a while, I ended up at one on-line marketer Quality Logo Products http://www.qualitylogoproducts.com to be exact and they seemed to fit the bill.   I was looking for some ice-scrappers as a promo and they seemed to have the goods.  By the way this is a great safety promo for us Mid-Westerners, if you want to take that tip.  So I will be placing an order on Monday upon my return to the office.  I did not have to go anywhere,  except to the internet!

So even though I am, let’s call it lazy, as I don’t want to go out into the real world and shop, I do perform my own due diligence. I looked this outfit up on-line (of-course) and found that they are legit, or have created a very elaborate scheme to prove that they are. The Company is run by two guys that have been in business for 25 years – and they are in my home state of Illinois – cool – I can now pay sales tax on my purchase.    Hopefully though I will save on shipping what I pay in sales tax since they are right down the road in Aurora.

With the Christmas season upon us, I am reasonably sure that most of my shopping is going to be done right here at this same screen I blog at.   Happy shopping!