• Shopping Guy Style

    I am a guy so or course by default that means I really don’t like to shop.  I do make purchases, and a lot of them. It is pretty simple and goes like this. I look until I find what need, then I make a purchase. No regrets! I might have been able to find it cheaper, or have used a coupon of some other smart move that my wife would have made but nope- I bought it. It is a done deal – over.


    I was on my way home from SHRM Leadership and I was shopping – on line of course for some work needs – some promo stuff.   After surfing for a while, I ended up at one on-line marketer Quality Logo Products http://www.qualitylogoproducts.com to be exact and they seemed to fit the bill.   I was looking for some ice-scrappers as a promo and they seemed to have the goods.  By the way this is a great safety promo for us Mid-Westerners, if you want to take that tip.  So I will be placing an order on Monday upon my return to the office.  I did not have to go anywhere,  except to the internet!

    So even though I am, let’s call it lazy, as I don’t want to go out into the real world and shop, I do perform my own due diligence. I looked this outfit up on-line (of-course) and found that they are legit, or have created a very elaborate scheme to prove that they are. The Company is run by two guys that have been in business for 25 years – and they are in my home state of Illinois – cool – I can now pay sales tax on my purchase.    Hopefully though I will save on shipping what I pay in sales tax since they are right down the road in Aurora.

    With the Christmas season upon us, I am reasonably sure that most of my shopping is going to be done right here at this same screen I blog at.   Happy shopping!

  • TChat Live from SHRM Leadership

    I guess I understand why it was that Ernest Hemingway spent so many hours at Sloppy Joe’s in Key West trying to expand his mind to tell a better story.  Not that I consider myself in the same circles with Hemingway, I have been struggling with how to write this post.  All of my ideas were EPIC, and the subject just isn’t that monumental.

    Here is the deal;  this week I am headed off to Washington DC to attend the annual SHRM Leadership Conference.  I am an active SHRM Volunteer and support most of their efforts.



    At the Conference on Wednesday evening one of my partners in crime another SHRM volunteer  Donna Roger and myself will be helping set the stage for #Tchat.  If you have not participated in #TChat,  I encourage you to do so.  It begins on twitter at 7 Eastern 6 Central 5 Mountain and 4 Pacific.

    There are many, many chats on twitter, and while I participate is some other ones on an occasional basis #TChat is the one I enjoy the most.  This week’s  content of the chat is about Public Policy is shaping and changing the workplace.

    While the #Tchat cast of characters is from all over the world, we will be connecting this chat to what is happening in our Nation’s Capitol.  Please Join us! Hope to see you on line.

  • The Unconference Lives

    This post is targeted to all of the folks in the HR Echo Chamber.  (The line is we talk to ourselves and no one else really listens).  Last week I personally had a minor epiphany. It had to do with the unconference.  While this  group of Human Resource internet aficionados, here in the chamber,  did not invent or does not own the unconference, we certainly do advocate for its use and adoption, especially guys like Bill Boorman.

    Within the span of less than a week, I ran into the unconference on two different planes.  As a registered/certified USA Hockey Referee I must annually attend a clinic (this is suppose to facilitate my competency as an official).  For as long as I can remember, how they disseminate information is in the classic lecture style – with power point.

    Opening remarks at HREvolution 2012

    This year (drum roll please) the instructor said I am going to do something different.  He said I have a list of some things I would like to discuss, but I want your involvement and input. He said, further, I would like to talk about any concerns or issues that you guys might want to bring up. Holy Cow – sounds like an unconference to me.   So that’s what we did, he was a great facilitator which lead to a lot of information being shared. Kudos to USA Hockey.

    Six days later, my son who was in Chicago attended an event at Columbia College. It was called The Creative Unconference.  At this event people just talked there were no presentation or power point. That sound like an event where you might find his dad and his HR buddies. Wow!

    So in the span of less than a week, I was touched twice by the unconfernce.  Wow maybe we are helping to move the ball forward!  Viva la HREvolution – Vival la TruConferences.