I had something happen to me that just got me to thinking about our auto industry, and the price of cars.  Currently, I drive a 2001 S 10 Pickup Truck.  Not a prize in anyone’s mind but it’s paid for, it runs well and it kept me mobile as my wife and I put our two sons through college.  I know I need to help the economy out and buy something new, and in fact I have been contemplating doing so, but damn they are expensive.  In the meantime I been paying a little attention to my older vehicles needs.

I had been missing the tuning knob for the  radio, so just the stem for the knob was sticking out. That didn’t bother me too much, because the radio still had the seek up and seek down button.   My old GM Delco radio also had the  6 pre-selected channels I listen to most of the time, so missing the knob was ok.   So a couple weeks about the on/off Volume knob went missing, and now I had the two stems sticking out.  Well it was becoming a little hard to operate, and looking a little ghetto now, so I figured I should drop by the dealership (because that’s the only place you can get them) and pick-up or order the knobs.

Well I did so only to my horror to find out the two plastic knobs cost $33.38 plus tax.  Two little knobs for just about $40.   I am not sure what that means but if I the truck is worth $5000 that means the radio knob are approximately 1% of the value of the vehicle?   I am starting to understand why new vehicles cost $40,000.

I guess I should just go by the new vehicle and not worry about it. I wonder what replace knobs cost for a 2012 Silverado?