This weekend I am headed off to Kansas City, Mo. to attend The Mid America Emmy Awards.  This is a proud moment for me as a parent as my son Kevin, is up for an award. He was the brain trust behind a segment which aired last year on Alt News 26:46 .  This is an off-beat news magazine show that is produced and aired weekly on WSIU inCarbondale,IL. This is not the only award the program has won. In fact I think this is the fourth year running that they have been nominated for an Emmy.

Kevin put together a segment on the ubiquitous Horseshoe Sandwich fromSpringfield,IL.  You can see the segment about 20:00 into the program. 26:46, Episode #13.04 from 26:46 on Vimeo.

If Kevin and his peers win an award there will no doubt be more on this matter. Here is a little more about the event.