While I am not a hugely prolific blogger, I do post regularly here and at the Illinois SHRM site.  I try keep my SHRM posts to business and HR related. However I do afford myself the luxury to rave out or discuss things that might not cut the HR mustard for a strictly HR related site here at the HR Official.

Having said that today I wanted to talk about an upcoming meeting at the Bloomington Normal Human Resources Council (BNHRC) that I will be attending on Wednesday September 26.  I have written another post about this which ran recently on the ILSHRM site.  Today I wanted to talk about the how and the why of the conference (Social Media Strategies for HR).

I believe I was invited, for a number of reasons, some of those are

    • I am good friends with one of the organizers
    • I am the Director of Social Media of the Illinois State Council of SHRM
    • I do know a few things about Social Media & HR
    • When I attend events I help promote them nicely on Twitter & Facebook
    • I have actually used Social Media in recuiting in a small 1-2 person HR Shop
    • I am a good networker and help people to connect
    • (Possible) I have a cool twitter avatar (thanks to my son)

That the how, now for the why, why do I want to attend

  • I like to travel and it’s not too far
  • I get to hear Jennifer Mc Clure speak
  • I like to meet new people (call it networking if you like)
  • Bloomington is close enough I can recruit from the area
  • All of the people I have met from BNHRC are great
  • I want to support my friends from BNHRC
  • It is part of my gig as SM Director for ISC SHRM

There is one last reason, why I, so much enjoy attending conferences/meetings/seminars. My reason is a stolen idea (just like we do at conferences). I once heard blogger and good friend, Mike Vandervort asked, “Why do you do all this?”  (The questioner was referring to Mike’s involvement in social media, SHRM, speaking, blogging, etc.)

His succinct answer was this, “It keeps me learning?”

I am trying. Are you?