• Headed the Midwest Emmys in Kansas City

    This weekend I am headed off to Kansas City, Mo. to attend The Mid America Emmy Awards.  This is a proud moment for me as a parent as my son Kevin, is up for an award. He was the brain trust behind a segment which aired last year on Alt News 26:46 .  This is an off-beat news magazine show that is produced and aired weekly on WSIU inCarbondale,IL. This is not the only award the program has won. In fact I think this is the fourth year running that they have been nominated for an Emmy.

    Kevin put together a segment on the ubiquitous Horseshoe Sandwich fromSpringfield,IL.  You can see the segment about 20:00 into the program.

    alt.news 26:46, Episode #13.04 from alt.news 26:46 on Vimeo.

    If Kevin and his peers win an award there will no doubt be more on this matter. Here is a little more about the event.

  • BNHRC – Why I’m Attending

    While I am not a hugely prolific blogger, I do post regularly here and at the Illinois SHRM site.  I try keep my SHRM posts to business and HR related. However I do afford myself the luxury to rave out or discuss things that might not cut the HR mustard for a strictly HR related site here at the HR Official.

    Having said that today I wanted to talk about an upcoming meeting at the Bloomington Normal Human Resources Council (BNHRC) that I will be attending on Wednesday September 26.  I have written another post about this which ran recently on the ILSHRM site.  Today I wanted to talk about the how and the why of the conference (Social Media Strategies for HR).

    I believe I was invited, for a number of reasons, some of those are

      • I am good friends with one of the organizers
      • I am the Director of Social Media of the Illinois State Council of SHRM
      • I do know a few things about Social Media & HR
      • When I attend events I help promote them nicely on Twitter & Facebook
      • I have actually used Social Media in recuiting in a small 1-2 person HR Shop
      • I am a good networker and help people to connect
      • (Possible) I have a cool twitter avatar (thanks to my son)

    That the how, now for the why, why do I want to attend

    • I like to travel and it’s not too far
    • I get to hear Jennifer Mc Clure speak
    • I like to meet new people (call it networking if you like)
    • Bloomington is close enough I can recruit from the area
    • All of the people I have met from BNHRC are great
    • I want to support my friends from BNHRC
    • It is part of my gig as SM Director for ISC SHRM

    There is one last reason, why I, so much enjoy attending conferences/meetings/seminars. My reason is a stolen idea (just like we do at conferences). I once heard blogger and good friend, Mike Vandervort asked, “Why do you do all this?”  (The questioner was referring to Mike’s involvement in social media, SHRM, speaking, blogging, etc.)

    His succinct answer was this, “It keeps me learning?”

    I am trying. Are you?

  • Review of Social Gravity

    Recently on a trip to Florida I was afforded the opportunity to read Social Gravity. The book is an excellent read.   For the purposes of full disclosure, I must admit that I am friends with the authors. I have come to know them through their public speaking engagements, and my involvement with some of the organization that have paid them to speak at events.

    From my experience the authors,  Joe Gerstandt and Jason Lauritesen did it differently than most folks out on the speaking circuit. It seems that most authors write a book and then go out on the road to promote their book.  These two guys have worked their way up from the trenches and now are addressing audience of 1000+ people.  Now they have a book under their belt. The book is very representative of the way and the type of subjects that these guys speak about.

    The book Social Gravity speaks to the intersection of networking, social media applications and a changing workplace.  Throughout the book, they ask the reader to make lists, action plans or perform evaluations by listing items. It is somewhat reminiscent of a seminar (of one).

    In the book they push the reader to identify how they network, as well as how they feel about networking in general. And so after a little bit of introspection, then Jason and Joe unabashedly tell you how it really works.  Next they throw the subject of technology on top of networking.

    With your new found knowledge the authors then push you to use you this knowledge as they fully explain what the Six Laws of Social Gravity are and how to use them to your advantage.

    I enjoyed the book. I got a lot out of it. And these guys to me,  are like an old favorite band. Whenever they put out a new recording I would purchase it – no questions asked.  Whether in person or in print Joe and Jason have a track record of putting out great material.

    I think you should buy and read this book!

  • Understanding New Car Pricing

    I had something happen to me that just got me to thinking about our auto industry, and the price of cars.  Currently, I drive a 2001 S 10 Pickup Truck.  Not a prize in anyone’s mind but it’s paid for, it runs well and it kept me mobile as my wife and I put our two sons through college.  I know I need to help the economy out and buy something new, and in fact I have been contemplating doing so, but damn they are expensive.  In the meantime I been paying a little attention to my older vehicles needs.

    I had been missing the tuning knob for the  radio, so just the stem for the knob was sticking out. That didn’t bother me too much, because the radio still had the seek up and seek down button.   My old GM Delco radio also had the  6 pre-selected channels I listen to most of the time, so missing the knob was ok.   So a couple weeks about the on/off Volume knob went missing, and now I had the two stems sticking out.  Well it was becoming a little hard to operate, and looking a little ghetto now, so I figured I should drop by the dealership (because that’s the only place you can get them) and pick-up or order the knobs.

    Well I did so only to my horror to find out the two plastic knobs cost $33.38 plus tax.  Two little knobs for just about $40.   I am not sure what that means but if I the truck is worth $5000 that means the radio knob are approximately 1% of the value of the vehicle?   I am starting to understand why new vehicles cost $40,000.

    I guess I should just go by the new vehicle and not worry about it. I wonder what replace knobs cost for a 2012 Silverado?