To quote the Pointer Sisters,  “I’m so Excited and I just can’t stand it.”   I am going to the Big Show in Atlanta – and I am going to be part of the SHRM Social Media Team.

If you have attended one of the National Conferences, you know what a mammoth event it is, if you have never been, you should do whatever you can to attend the event – really. Charlie Judy says you should go, even if you have to pay your own way. For the record, I agree with Charlie.

If you have never attended a SHRM National Conference, you can not grasp the largess, the over the topness of the whole event.   It can only be held at a handful of venues, because these venues are among the few in the country that can accommodate the number of attendees (often near 15,000). Flying to the event you will find that probably 25% to 33% of the people on the plane are going to SHRM.  There are dozens of motor coaches contracted to move attendees from hotel to the conference  venue and back. The SHRMies descend upon a city and overtake it.

What do you get from the conference? It is learning and seeing.  There are countless breakout session covering every HR Topic imaginable, and a few unimaginable.  The HRCI credits abound – even the strategic ones. You also get to see.  On the exhibit floor, it is an HR Carnival on mega-steroids.  There is every product or service that you could conceivably want to purchase on exhibit.  This is not the run of the mill stuff man, this is the cutting edge stuff. The vendors are showing off, trying to get the HR folks jacked up!

The Networking is unbelievable as well.  And if you are a SHRM member and you are not into networking with your peers – you might want check out your own EAP to see how you can fix that.

I was looking for video to give you a flavor of the event, and I found a great one from my friend Jennifer McClure.  You know I first met her face to face at a break out session at the 2010 SHRM Conference in San Diego.  Funny how those relationship develop and grow.  Take a look at Jennifer’s video wrap from Las Vegas 2011.

My 2011 SHRM Annual Conference Experience – from Jennifer McClure

I hope to see you there in Atlanta!