• Meeting in Memphis

    Last week my wife, my youngest son and I traveled to Memphis to visit our oldest son on Easter Sunday.  I had artfully carved out a piece of time for myself to do something that was rather self-indulgent.  I had also scheduled to meet-up with a twitter friend, soemone I had met on line, but had not had the chance to meet IRL. We got her done, and and met up with Chris Fields (a.k.a. new_resource on Twitter).  I brought along the wife and both of the boys as well.  So Chris got a chance to see me as I truly am.  Chris had one of his friends drop by and join-up with us as well. As I had suspected, Chris is pretty much the same guy in person that he is on-line.  This is a trait I have found in people that I like and that tend to develop successful on-line realtionships

    After visiting with Chris I got a better understanding of him and who he is. He is passionate about everything he does.  He knows his HR stuff, and while I didn’t quiz him, I learned a lot from the comments he made and some of the questions he asked. Chris is an “A” player when it comes to HR and Social Media.
    I am also happy to talk about another matter that involves the two of us (Austin Powers reference here).  That matter would be Illinois SHRM.  Both Chris and I will be pushing out social media from the August event.   The Social Media Team from Illinois has asked , and Chris has agreed to be part of our Illinois SHRM Social Media team.  So this is to all of my social media pals; now you know a little bit more about @new_resources, and have a reason to come join us at ILSHRM Augsut 6 & 7 in Oak Brook, IL.  Hope to see you there!
  • Mercenary One Rung down from Rock Star

    We all have them  or at lease we want them, whether it is an employee, a contractor or any other type of service provider.   These days the buzz is all about the superstars, the rock stars and how everybody in HR is looking for them. We have to source them, find them where ever they are and get them into our organizations.
    Well there is another type of employee who falls short of the superstar status,  it is the employee who can get a phenominal amount of work done, done right and in a very short time. The problem with this employee though is this, they lack finess, they have a tendancy to piss people off and they really only focus on getting the job done. Organizationally, this type of employee often reaks havoc within the organatization. For the purposes of this post I will call this type of get ‘er done employee the mercenary.
    There are many of the touchy feely types in HR who don’t like the mercinary because they don’t play well at work. But there are those of us, such as myself, who call upon the mercinary from time to time, because we know they will execute – no question. For those of us that call on the mercenary we are willing to deal with the collateral damage, especially when we need  someone that we know they can get the job done.
    Sadly, this may even be our go to person, if we are short on the rock stars.  We all know someone who is either a mercenary or has those tendancies. They are not all bad,  perhaps they just need a bit of refinement.  So, if I can’t have one rock star, maybe I can get by with two mercenaries.
    This idea for this post came out of a recent discussion with Laura Schroder, my project social partner and she too agreed that she would choose a good mercenary employee now and then, when she had  a need to get the job done;  You can read her take on the matter at her blog Working Girl.