I returned home late last evening after spending the weekend visiting with my son Kevin at SIU Carbondale. He is a senior and is set to graduate.  My wife and I traveled to him, to do our part in helping him produce a music video for one of the University’s television programs.  This weekend they were shooting most of the segments for what will be about a 2:30 piece.  There were about 20 people involved in this effort on Saturday Night and Sunday.  From what I could see, they each had about 16 hours – so being the labor analyst that I am I see lots of labor in this deal – for 2:30 run time.

My takeaway from the trip was this.  All of these young folks, the band members and the movie makers are all a little short on one resource or another. But they don’t let that hold them back. They improvise, they create, they re-tool,  they do some fancy editing – but not having the resources does not slow them down. As Jay Kuhns would say, No Excuses!

I think as we grow older more comfortable or perhaps more complaisant, we get lazy and then we Lose our Edge.  We loose the genius which made us extraordinary because we have so much.  With home or work, it becomes a case of what we don’t have, as opposed to what we do have and how we can make that work.   Is this you?

Check out these students, all working – pitching in – working for free (no pay – I fixed ’em lunch). Can you bring a group like this together and motivate them to work for free?  Maybe you need to think back to college days when pizza and beer was enough motivation to get you to do anything. These kids were all working hard and enjoying it.