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Getting a Different look at a New_Resource

Something keeps coming up over and over again in my life. I think it is either like a romance or a drug, I am not sure which.  I am talking about the concept of meeting a social media acquaintance in real life (IRL) for the first time. It was the topic for last weeks #Tchat.  I personally have had this experience a number of times and without a doubt it is exhilarating.  I think this concept is helping drive attendance at conferences and other live events.  We all enjoy the Face to Face (F2F) experience.


People are making friends on-line and then we want to meet them IRL.  I am going to throw out two new terms I think that should be introduced into our shortcut/abbreviated language.


HMIRL (Have met in real life)   HNMIRL (Have NOT met in real life)


So for 2012 I am planning on attending a few events: SHRM National, ILSHRM and HREvolution for sure.   As for any other events, they will be subject to budget and time constraints.  I would love to do more, I will just have to wait and see.


Downtown Memphis, TN

However, I have my own little meet and greet that I am really looking forward to and am going to share with the blogosphere.  I can not actually tell you the date, but I have been friends on-line with a guy named Chris Fields for a while.  You may know him a new_resource on twitter, or from his blog site Cost of Work.   I was one of Chris’s first followers on twitter. He tends to remember this and looks upon me, with perhaps a little more reverence than I might be deserving of.  Chris lives in Memphis, TN  and does my oldest son.   My wife and youngest son are making a journey to Memphis for Easter this year, and while I have been there a couple times since Chris and I became on-line friends,  this trip will be different. We already have our lunch plans lined up and are going to meet IRL.


I am going have my youngest son who is a film and cinema student at SIU-C shoot some video of our meeting. The two social media acquaintances meeting face to face for the first time.   I will post this, as I too want to look at this and study it.  This whole phenomena  fascinates me, people really  enjoy this experience and I want to re-live the experience.  Maybe I can even get Dan Crosby to analyse the event.


I am also really looking forward to deepening an already great friendship. See you on April 7th Chris – smile for the camera!

4 Responses to Getting a Different look at a New_Resource

  1. chris

    Wow! You make me blush and a little nervous, I’ll be sure to shave for you.
    Seriously, I’m looking forward to it too.

    Thanks Dave
    chris recently posted..Sacrificial Lambs (pt1. Henry)

  2. Chris Ponder II

    Awesome that you two can meet up! If I still lived there, I would have to work it in to meet you up with you two!

  3. Laura Schroeder

    Love the new look!

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