Earlier this week, my ProjectSocial partner, Laura Schroeder and I were talking about what we might want to post about.  After some banter back and forth, Laura and I settled on doing something almost cheesy, but it is fun and easy.  We decided to re-post  some of what we thought were some of our best post during last year.  Our other partner Lyn Hoyt was agreeable to our notion, and was going dig up her best post, which you can find on her site HR Bacon Hut.  And you  can see what Laura has recycled over at her blog Working Girl.

After looking over my body of work for the year there were really only a few that stuck out.  If you saw these before I appreciate your loyal following.  If you missed these, here is what I think are some of my best posts for 2011.

So that is the best from 2011 in my opinion. Thanks for stopping by.