Hire Friday is an event that has been around for a long time, at least in the twittersphere. If you have been out here in the HR space you would know this. The genesis of show is based in “good,” and is the brain child of HRMargo.

I have been friends with Cyndy Trivella for quite some time. We interact on twitter frequently. Well recently, she asked me if I would Guest Host a chat session.  I was flattered, honored and flabbergasted all at the same time, but without question happily agreed to do so.

So part of my responsibility as the host is to frame the discussion with a concept and five questions to drive the discussion.  The concept is gaining employment in a small to medium size organization, compare to large organizations.  So here are the set-ups and the questions.

Just like gaining employment in a larger organization, finding a cultural fit with the organization is crucial.

1.)  How do you learn about the culture of a small privately-held Company?


Smaller organizations may be more difficult to get specific information about products or services, however if you have some mastery about the Companies offerings you will appear to have a leg up on other candidates.

2.)  Where do you go to get good insight on a small Company’s product or service line?


Smaller Companies often times do not have the resources (dollars) allocated for research, marketing or other project.  In an interview you might be asked to solve a $500,000 problem with a $5000 budget.  This often involves technology or equipment.

3).Do you have a story of  cost effective problem-solving which might intrigue a small Company recruiter?


While most of us HR veterans know that nepotism is not a good thing, you should be prepared to see it in a smaller Company.

4.) Working in a small Company, how can you prepare yourself for dealing with management decisions involving nepotism?


We have talked about many of the down sides of smaller employers.  There are also many opportunities that a smaller Company would afford an employee that a larger Company could offer.

5.) What type of opportunities might you get in a smaller Company that you might not get in a Fortune 500 Company?


Ok, so there is the discussion for Black Friday ##HFchat. I hope to see you on the tweet stream.  – Dave “theHRCzar” Ryan