The holiday season is official starting today – Thanksgiving.  As I enjoy the holiday with my family I can’t help but think how lucky I truly am.   There are so many things I could list that might demostrate my happiness, my fulfillment or sucess, but let’s think about feeling lucky and blessed in a different way.

  • Chances are if you are reading this you have a place to stay – to sleep that is safe, warm and dry.  
  • You probably are not worried about where your next meal is going to come from.
  • I would hope if you have aches and pains you get them checked by a medical professional.
  • You probably have family members, friends, co-workers who have got your back, and cover you – in whatever way you need

Heading into this holiday season my fear is there are many folks who do not meet any of the criteria above.  Let’s not forget about these people this holiday season.  If we all did something to try and help out some one who is less forturnate than those of us who are doing ok, just maybe we could make the world a little more compassionate place.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season!