I have been in and out of the office a bunch this year.  Every time I get back into

Photo Credit Eric Chaump at Professional Diversification

the office I am consumed with the feeling of being overwhelmed.  I think  you know what I am talking about.  I feel compelled to get to the accumulated pile of stuff that built up while I was out.  But then here come the events of the day.

People and pending matters are pulling you in 14 different direction and since you have been gone, a number of folks want your ear.

When you step back, you see that you have 42 Voice Mails, a four inch pile of U.S. Mail and probably a bazillion email messages, right?  Well I have formulated a plan to deal with all of this efficiently and quickly.

Voice Mail – DELETE ALL


U.S. Mail – the whole pile right into the trash


Now in the aftermath of the purging there will be a few calls like this.  Dave – did you get that email I sent you about our proposal?    Most people make the assumption that if they sent it you got it. This is not always the case.  That is your cover.

Your response is like this.  Well Bob they were having some sever problems while I was out of the office ; could you re-send it?  The same thing applies to any VMail or U.S. Mail.  You may have sent it but I didn’t get it.  Could you re-send?

See this allows you to get to the really important stuff without wading thought the piles.

Now I know very few responsible adults who would do this. In fact I have only thought about doing it – but it does sound tempting, doesn’t it?

Oh well I need to get back to my out of the office mess!