Within the last few months I have had the opportunity to write several guest posts for various bloggers out her in the HR space. Some of the sites are a more high profile than others but they have all been a great experiences for me. I have written for Jessica at  www.bloggingforjobs.com ,  Dan at http://incblot.org/incblog/, for Chris Fields at http://costofwork.com/ and    Michael at Xpert HR  http://www.xperthr.co.uk/blogs/employment-intelligence/. I have also had the pleaure of sharing a bunch of content for my friend Ben at  www.upstarthr.com I am thankful for all of these opportunities.  

While at the same time, I have had several folks guest post here on the HR Official.  I would like to thank. Chris Fields for his contribution of Don’t be a Lurker.,  Erin Palmer for You are in HR so you should kill them with Kindness., and Kyle Lagunus for Tools For Talent.

A number of things have come out of this for me, and all of these other folks.  One of the best thing is that we trade groups of followers, readers and supporters.  With each guest post I have run I have had increased traffic on the site and brought new readership to the site. I have gained new friends and followers on twitter, as well.  Most of the those new those folks are part of the core supporters of my guests inner circle. 

So guest-posting really is a great way to meet like-minded people via social networking. It is also a way for someone who is interested in blogging, but does not have their own site to test the waters and see if they wish to pursue this more..I myself, actually got into blogging with an invitation to guest post from Jessica Miller-Merrel at her site www.blogging4jobs.com.  Recently, I found out that my new friend Erin Palmer who recently guest posted on this site, has done a number of guest posts out here in the HR space.  I have encouraged her to think about starting her own site. 

I have another opportunity coming up soon via an invitation from my friend Buzz Rooney and her site The Buzz on HR.  And I have also promised Jessica a post on how it was that she got me started in blogging. 

So here is my point with all of this.  If you have a blog site, you should be actively seeking out others to guest post on your site.  If you are a blogger you should actively seek out other sites for guest posts.  Lastly, if you do not have a site and you read this stuff, give it a try.  Contact your favorite blogger, and ask them if they would entertain a guest post from you. If they won’t, contact me I will!