I have noticed something that has been going on in the twitterverse lately, and I have questions about it.  So in an effort to not be a luker – I have to just ask.

I have been active on twitter since sometime in 2009, and I have kind of picked up most of the unwritten or unspoken decorum EXCEPT for one thing.  As most of you know who look at my comments, you have an idea of the things I tend to speak about.  And when I do speak to something I attempt to use the appropriate hashtag for the topic, event, location etc. Like another responsible, effective twitter user we share this with one and other.

The one thing I see that I don’t understand is what I am going to call hashtag-hitchhiking. Let me further explain what I mean. For example let’s say the Consumer Electronics Show was going on inChicago.  To make another assumption let’s say that the hashtag #CES was getting a lot of follows/hits because many folks wanted to know what was going on at the show.  So people who want to know about the show follow that hashtag or perhaps even #Chicago.

But now lets say I was going to send out a tweet about something about a new blog post on some human resources matter (#HR), but then at the end of my tweet I throw in the hashtag #CES.  It would appear that tweeters to this to gain traffic and follows.

So my question is this. Is it ok to use non-related hashtags with tweets? – Any thoughts on hashtag-hitchhiking?