This is a guest post from Chis Fields @new_resource . Chris holds a Master’s in HR from OSU, and has his own blog at



It’s human nature to want to be well thought of and highly respected.  We can’t help but to try and impress people with our education, credentials and experience. How many times have you been listening to someone talk about something and you were lost, yet afraid to ask questions? Of course you use your deductive reasoning and problem solving skills but you still don’t get it. Instead of asking someone for help, you suffer along. The fear of embarrassment keeps us wondering in the dark. Hey, you’re smart! Just take it easy KemoSabe, you have nothing to prove, go ahead and ask away.

I’m here to tell you that it’s alright to ask questions. I was invited to create this post simply because of asking questions. Here’s my story, this year Dave Ryan introduced me to the power of twitter. He has always encouraged me to get more involved. Recently, I was on the Twitter back channel for Steve Boese’s,  HRHappyHour  program, Bill Kutik was his guest. Bill was talking about this year’s HR Technology Conference. Well I’d never heard of it. That’s right it’s been under my nose the entire time and I haven’t heard of it or Bill.

Stop looking down at me, there could be many reasons for this epic fail but during Twitter chat, I posted this “I know this is a rookie question but what is HR Tech Conference?” I have to say great folks like Robin Schooling, and Paul Smith came to my rescue and even provided a link. For the record Bill also reached out and gave me some additional information. But none of that would have happened; the information, the connection with Bill, had I not asked that question.

As Human Resource Professional and Business Leaders,we encourage questions and comments because we understand asking questions lead to knowledge and growth. I had no idea the amount of support and opportunities (like this guest post) would follow from just asking a question.  This post is not about me, Bill, Robin, Dave, Steve or HR Tech; it’s about the wonderful things that can happen if you only ask questions. There are no stupid questions and you never know what can happen if you only ask.