I often date myself as I sit in my basement and create blog posts.  Today I am going to do it again – hopefully to make my point.

You have probably seen a number of posts that I have written in tandem with my blogger buddy Laura Schroeder @workgal   and as of late the duo and turned into a trio.  My friend Lyn Hoyt @designtwit   has joined us when we decide to write collectively on a topic.  My meeting of Laura was rather fortuitous.  We met as a random pairing of social media enthusiasts though a program that Ben Eubanks   and Victorio Milian.  It has been nearly a year since we were first paired-up.  Lyn and I had met on line but had a chance to visit face to face this year at HREvolution. As a little group, a clique we are getting pretty tight.

We do nice things for each other  on social media.  We re-tweet each others tweets, almost mindlessly.  We comment on each others’ posts.  We co-mingle our followers and readers with one another.  Essentially we each have some on to lean on.  This brings me to the dating myself part – please see the video.



As a child of the ’70s I think Bill says it well, we all “Need Somebody to Lean On”.  You can ask the questions of your SM buddies, does what I wrote actually make any sense, do you think this is funny.  Blogging is someone of a solitary activity and it sure is nice to bounce things off of others.

I have other on-line friends who are also most gracious and RT my tweets, read my posts and the like and appreciate ALL OF THEM.  But the big take-away from this has to be, as you immerse yourself in social media, find a couple on-line friends that you can count on and have those private conversations with, or bounce ideas off of them.   Writing and posting can be a lonesome activity especially at when you start.

So build your circle of tweeps, and share things back and forth like I have with Laura and Lyn.   And yes they have both posted on this matter of on-line collaboration.  Laura’s post is a click away here – and Lyn’s is right here.  Please go over and read their posts on the matter, because what they have to say will no doubt be illuminating on the subject – and their my friends!