Since sometime back in 2007 I have surfing the net seeing what HR bloggers had to say about this, that and the other thing.  Some of the earlier bloggers were more like Ann Landers or Dear Abby

Abby & Ann

–giving out advice on how to get a job or when to file suit against your employer.  This is pretty much garden variety HR, by what we see in the blogosphere today.  This did little to make for a lot of interaction between readers and bloggers.

As it is today, things seem to have changed.  Some bloggers are seem to delight in aggravating their readers or writing things that they know will enflame their readers.  When this happens readers are often moved to comment. I have wondered if this is their strategy to incense readers to the point that they are motivated to comment.

Besides really jerking the readers chain what moves a reader to scroll down to the comment box and fill out the obligatory boxes and then share their take on the post. Having given the matter a great deal of consideration these are the reasons that I have identified that cause people comment.  In no particular order

  1. The post is timely and well written (kudos are in order to the blogger).
  2. The commenter is part of the bloggers circle of adoration.
  3. The commenter feels passionately about the subject.
  4. It’ s spam or the comment er is trying to sell something.
  5. You have been asked to/or feel obligated to comment on a friends post.
  6. The commenter is attempting to raise their Klout score.
  7. The comment er is not really commenting on the blog, but rather commenting on a comment.
  8. You see that a bunch of the kool kids have left their mark in the comments section, so you want to join them.
  9. The commenter is trying to drive traffic somewhere else.
  10. You spend way too much time looking at stuff like this –( But Thanks!)

This was just an idea that I was kicking around with fellow blogger Working Girl  a.k.a. Laura Schroeder.  Laura has here take on this subject and if you go take a look  she will no doubt shed additional light on this matter.