I was waiting on my car the other day at the car dealership and was somewhat looking at the television which was playing away.  Then on comes a commercial about talking about hip replacement and the procedure itself, pretty much going down a path of what I perceived to be medical problems.  Then the announcer makes reference to a certain manufacturer of replacement hips, and says “if you have pain from this or have had this procedure done with this type of hip call this law office.”

Now this really made me think… you are hurt or hurting so you should call a lawyer.  Shouldn’t you be calling a doctor? Or shouldn’t the commercial say, “ If you have had this hip replacement done with this type of hip call this law office and we will try to get you some money from the surgeon, the hospital, and the manufacturer of the replacement hip?”

The Federal Trade commission is taking others like manufacturers, processors and retailers for their truth in advertisements.  Should not lawyers be held to the same standard?

I agree that if someone has been wronged they should have an avenue to right the wrong.  It just doesn’t seem feasible that every wrong is compensable.

Given my advance age now, although it is difficult BUT I can still remember the time when lawyers were not allowed to, or did not – for whatever reason advertise on television. Sometime in 1977 the Supreme Court cleared the way for lawyers to advertise on television.  So then we saw commercials of lawyers walking out of crumbling buildings or showing up on the scene of a horrific auto accident.  While the ads may vary in tone and content, I still find them to be annoying at best and disturbing at worst.  They all seem to boil down to a tag line of, “Call me, we’ll sue someone.”

Maybe we should change the rules, and go back to a time when the only ads lawyers had were in the Yellow Pages – aw hell, you can hardly find Yellow Pages now.