To RT of not to RT That is the Question

The way that most of these Project Social cross-post develop are usually just a volley of ideas. This, oddly enough is almost like an MRT (Modified Re Tweet).  Where someone says something and then someone says it again and may add to it <like this!  If at this point RT is still unclear –  I would  Google it.

Ok so now that’s  the what; is cleared up, how about the who, and the why.   Why do I RT the things that I do.

  • · Because the tweet is an awesome 140 character bits of wisdom
  • · Because the person that said it is a sage/savvy SM person and I want to demonstrate to them I value what they have to say.
  • · The tweet is funny – odd- or otherwise intriguing
  • · I enjoy the blogger and want to help them spread their message
  • · I got a DM asking me to retweet a particular tweet
  • · I picked the wrong function on Tweet Deck and out went the RT

Ok so in true inverted pyramid style, now that I have the who, what, why, where  it is now on to when.  RT  ASAP.  This is even more true if you ever follow any of the online chats like #TChat.  The tweets and the Re-Tweets come so fast you can’t keep up. If you have never participated one of the twitter  chats – load up the hastag #tchat in one of your search columns, and be on-line at 7 PM Central  on Tuesday for Talent Culture’s Tchat, and watch the RT’s go by.

If you don’t think the Talent Culture #Tchat is for you  Jessica over at has put together this awesome list of twitter chats. Do yourself a favor and check one out.

Lastly how to re-tweet – most apps have a function, or you can copy and paste the tweet and put RT in front of it.

That is the HROfficial’s take on ReTweeting.  Now there are a couple other folks I would give an RT to just because of who they are.  It is kind of an act of friendship too.  So often time if I see my friend Laura aka @workgal has posted something on her blog  Working Girl. I will give an old RT just because of that.  And since Lyn Hoyt  aka  @designtwit has decided to hook here wagon to this ProjectSocia train as well,  I will give her an RT for any of her posts over at The Bacon Hut. Both Laura and Lyn have posted on this subject or RTs so click on over and see what their take is on RTs.